MOSES Katongo, a Chisokone market trader in Kitwe, has narrated how Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, the UPND presidential running mate, allegedly assaulted him, leaving him with a cut on the mouth and bleeding profusely.

Mr Katongo, 28, of house no. 1074 Kawama township, testified that Mwamba slapped him on the mouth and was left bleeding and two of his teeth shaking.

He was testifying in a case in which Mwamba is facing two counts of assault and malicious damage.

Mr. Katongo, a toothpaste vendor at Chisokone market, told the Kitwe Magistrates Court Malota Phiri  that on the material day a group called “HH” led by a man he identified as “Mr. GBM” went to the market and upon reaching his stand he was asked to shout “forward” and to flash the UPND symbol but he refused.

He said it was at this point that Mr Mwamba allegedly slapped him. “I was slapped by GBM and had a cut in my mouth, blood was coming out and two teeth were shaking. It was painful,” Mr Katongo said.

Mr Katongo said he reported the matter to police who gave him a medical report to take to the hospital.

Mwamba is also charged with malicious damage to property.

During cross examination by defence lawyers, Mulilo Kabesha and Tom Shamakamba, they put it to Mr Katongo that he was lying to the court.

The defence lawyers wondered why the statement Mr Katongo gave to the police, which Mr. Kabesha read in court, was different from his submission yesterday.

But Mr Katongo insisted that his testimony was the correct version of what transpired.

And a State witness testified that Mwamba slapped Mr Katongo at Chisokone market when he refused to raise a UPND symbol.

Dillan Chama told Magistrate Malota Phiri yesterday that Mr Mwamba slapped Katongo. He said this happened when Mr Mwamba visited Chisokone market with his cadres on May 19.

Mwamba was accompanied to the Kitwe Magistrates Court by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, former Vice President Guy Scott, Mr Miles Sampa and other UPND officials.

Mr Chama told the court that on May 19, Mwamba went with a group of cadres to Chisokone market chanting UPND slogans and when he reached where Katongo was, he asked him to raise a UPND symbol but he instead raised a PF symbol.

“When Mr Katongo raised the PF symbol, Mr Mwamba slapped him on the chin, resulting in cuts on the mouth, forcing him to report to the police,” he said.

During cross examination by Mr Shamakamba from Shamakamba and Company, Mr Chama insisted that he saw Mwamba slapping Mr Katongo in the face.

Asked if he really heard Mr Mwamba asking Katongo to raise a UPND symbol, Mr Chama said he just saw gestures from Mr Mwamba asking Mr Katongo to raise a UPND symbol, but he instead raised a PF symbol.

“It was at this point that I saw Mwamba slapping Mr Katongo on the chin and blood oozed out of his mouth,” Mr Chama said.

Meanwhile, the State has entered a nolle prosequi in the case where Mwamba was charged with conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace.