Lungu will take Itezhi Tezhi, says Monde

I can assure President Lungu victory in Itehzi Tezhi after August 11 because he has delivered according to what he had promised the people of my constituency, says Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Greyford Monde.

Mr. Monde, who is former Itezhi Tezhi Member of Parliament (MP) under the UPND and now the PF aspiring candidate, claimed that the UPND discouraged MPs from working in their constituencies so that people could blame the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) for lack of development.

Mr. Monde said that he defected to the ruling party because it was delivering what it promised the people of Zambia.

“I can tell you that President Lungu is going to get more votes in Itezhi Tezhi than Hakainde Hichilema. I moved from the UPND to PF because they are delivering what they promised the people of Zambia in 2011. Come August, you’ll see how many out of the 13 wards we’re are going to collect,” he said.

Mr. Monde said that Itezhi  Tezhi has received a lot of development in the past two years that he has been minister despite the fact  that he was in the opposition.

He praised President Lungu for being inclusive and that he has taken development to even the remotest areas in the country.Mr. Monde said that the people of Itezhi Tezhi were happy he had joined the ruling party and was  confident of scooping the constituency seat because the people understood that he would bring even more development in the area.

“People there are happy that I made the right choice moving to the PF. I can tell you in Itezhi Tezhi history is going to repeat itself. I am going to win like I won in 2011 because the people are saying they cannot be given anyone that UPND and HH want from Lusaka to just become an MP. The response we are receiving is overwhelming, the people are saying that we want to work with our own Monde,” he said.