Referendum? What referendum? asks Milupi

GOVERNMENT is playing tricks on the Zambian people through the Referendum question which is ‘‘very salty and clouding up issues’’, says Alliance for Development and Democracy president Charles Milupi.

According to Mr. Milupi, the Referendum question did not stipulate exactly what would be in the Bill of Rights and that it was incomplete.

“We wanted a complete Bill of Rights. Do our people have rights on education? If you have to approve something you need to know the full details of what you are approving. The question there does not tell you what it is. There should be a list that says in the Bill of Rights, this is what it is,” he said.

Mr. Milupi said that there was need for the referendum question to be more detailed so that people understand what was in it for them and then make informed decisions based on that.

“This referendum question on the Constitution at the moment is still very salty and clouding up issues; people do not understand it.

“This whole Constitution needs to be recast by the next government; these people have failed.  That Constitution has to include a complete Bill of Rights that has been properly debated,” he said.

Mr. Milupi has challenged the Government to explain what was worth voting for in the referendum and what exactly they were giving the people.

“I challenge them to explain whether what they have put there is worth a vote. Do our people have rights?” he asked.