Today’s letters to the editor

US Government has no right to order Post re-opening

Dear Editor,

It is absolutely disgusting that the US Government can order the re-opening of The Post newspaper. They have no right to interfere in our internal affairs.

It should be remembered that these countries supported Fred M’membe and Mutembo Nchito when the infamous Task Force on corruption hounded out second republican President Dr. Frederick Chiluba whom they accused of massive looting and plunder.

This time round it is Fred M’membe and his colleagues who have taken Government money which they are refusing to pay, how then the same foreign Governments can supporting corruption. This is double standards. I hope the Government will not be forced to act as ordered by “Uncle Sam”.

Fred must really be shameless because the money being asked from The Post was actually collected by the paper and used on other things instead of paying to the treasury.

This is a question of greed and impunity which Zambians must reject because it is not in their interest to support corruption, failure to pay taxes is corruption of the worst kind. It is even frowned upon by the Bible which realises that proceeds to Ceasar are meant for the greater good of society than  for the personal benefit of an individual.

Let the ZRA work.

Emmanuel Zimba. Ndola


Post must not cry foul

Dear Editor

Kindly allow me space in your newspaper to share the following.

The Post and its Managing Editor Fred M’membe should not cry foul at their closure. Here are my reasons:

1.    They initiated the court process against ZRA’s claim of taxes in the Zambian courts of Law. In a court, the case may go in your favour or against you.

2.    Engaging Lawyers about tax matters is an unnecessary cost but negotiating with the Tax Authority, ZRA, on how one intends to pay is the best option. If you engage Lawyers or initiate a court process, you are simply delaying the date and time for tax collection. It does not help to wipe out your tax liability.

3.   All media organisations forthwith should be regulated by MECOZ or some other body. We cannot have The Post report that President Edgar Lungu is sick and has been evacuated abroad for specialist treatment when, in fact, the President was in State House working. I could have believed that lie from The Post if I had not seen the President giving an interview at ZNBC studios and later interacting with ZNBC staff.

Fred M’membe and The Post had no courtesy to even apologise and went on as if a lie had not been told. In this election year, if they are allowed to continue, they might just announce fake results that NAREP president, Elias Chipimo Junior, has won the elections when, in fact, he is not standing! Some cadres can engage in violent activities based on these lies.  If The Post will not accredit to MECOZ or some other regulatory body, they should not be given space to operate.

4.   Fred M’membe has previously insulted and belittled Judges, politicians, other media houses, and fellow Lawyers, using terms such as “stupid”, “Bantustan opposition political party”, “corrupt judges”, “Government owned and controlled media houses with no spine to be independent”, etc. There are just a few people who are supporting him. Even the UPND leader, Mr Hakainde Hichilema, declared that “The Post is our enemy number one”. Just read the previous publications of The Post and confirm.

5.   In life, do not take a “holier than thou” attitude. Always be humble and listen to advice of others.

Rex, Lusaka


HH’s double speech

Dear Editor

“It has become abundantly clear that President Lungu is now afraid of a fair and free electoral contest” – Hakainde Hichilema (Daily Nation, June 22, 2016 – LUNGU SCARED OF FAIR CONTEST).

The two words mentioned by the UPND leader on which I would like you to put your money on are, ‘FREE and FAIR’.

Free is to do something because you want to, not because someone else has forced you to. While fair can be put simply as reasonable and acceptable. This means, free and fair can be said to be a system or situation that is right and equal.

HH is on record to have been in the forefront of crucifying ECZ that they won’t give Zambians a free and fair election.

He was quoted in the Daily Nation newspaper of April 24th, 2016, saying that they (UPND) had done some research and had data of ECZ wanting to delay bringing of ballot papers in Lusaka by 12:00 hrs. Also in the Daily Nation of May 14th, 2016, he’s on record warning ECZ that if they are colluding with the PF so they can conduct fraudulent elections, they will be responsible of what is to come after August 11th general elections.

Is HH saying he now believes in ECZ giving Zambians a free and fair election, hence him calling the coming general election, “a fair and free electoral contest” come August 11th?

Just a serious thought.

Troy Mukupa.