Election falsehoods

Zambians, who are unfamiliar with election procedures, should take some time and understand the electoral process before some mischievous individuals with selfish motives make them believe our system is prone to manipulation.

There is no truth in insinuation that if a candidate has a voter’s register, then they can manipulate the outcome of results of an election.

Such lies can only be peddled by people who have never experienced the electoral process.

But this is not the case with UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa who has equated the alleged inspection of the voter’s register to rigging.

Mr Mweetwa is a learned man whose statements on the electoral body are nothing but aimed at endangering the lives of the men and women at the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

If the UPND official is being economical with the truth, Zambians should know that the ECZ gives each of the presidential candidates two copies of the national voter’s register.

Those copies are given at every presidential election and for candidates who have contested the presidency as many as four times certainly have eight copies.

For political parties which are intelligent, they use the register to determine voter concentration by province, district, constituency and ward.

Those voter’s registers are not taken back to the ECZ after an election but political parties and their candidates keep them.

Since the voter’s register in use is the 2011 one, which was also used in 2015 and some of the presidential candidates already have, there is no law which stops previous candidates from strategising how they carry out their campaigns.

What is wrong with a political party targeting voters and going to areas with a lot of them to attract them to the party?

This information can only be found in the voter’s register given to presidential candidates.

Even in this year’s election on August 11, presidential candidates will receive the final compiled voter’s register for their perusal and scrutiny.

We challenge candidates who participated in last year’s presidential election to deny being given voter’s registers way before the elections?

But it is sad that this noble gesture by the ECZ is being misconstrued to alleged manipulation of election results.

Zambians familiar with the electoral process know how transparent our ballot system is and which has been perfected over the years.

There is no voting which takes place without the transparent ballot box being opened, the same shown to the polling agents for candidates, observers and monitors before being closed and sealed.

It must be known that all voters’name are called out loudly when they enter the polling station with polling agents, observers and monitors crossing out such names once the ballot is cast.

It is mischievous for politicians, in this case for the UPND spokesperson, to insinuate that his party’s polling agents would be allowing voters who have already cast their ballot and their names crossed out to vote again.

Political parties should concentrate on convincing voters about their wonderful manifestoes unlike making unfounded allegations against the ECZ which is an envy of other electoral bodies in the region and the world at large.


2 thoughts on “Election falsehoods

  1. The problem we have is this deliberate shielding pf thugs terrorising the biggest opposition party as a means of Winning coming election otherwise pf is desperate to win through violence going on and the leadership simply offer lip service without action, which is rigging by unfair campagning by violence by pf thugs.

  2. Znbc Daily Nation Times and Daily mail are all supporters of pf but still the pf is not comfortable to campaign peacefully becoz the masses the suffering people will never vote for pf!

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