Let Post just pay that tax


It is true that The Post newspaper is an independent voice, but its language is unchristian. Moreover, those comparing Times, Daily Mail newspapers in terms of tax payment do not add weight to the issue because the same tax M’membe is supposed to pay will be given to these institutions to pay tax. So let them pay.



Why is US dictating to African governments?


Why does the US dictate African governments to do what is illegal in their country. Paying tax is law even the Bible is clear on that one. M’membe needs to pay and people should not accuse President Edgar Lung. It’s very immoral. Kaingu is right. If it were in the US, M’membe could have been in jail by now. HH will cause havoc for ZRA.



Mwanajiti right on privatisation from which HH made billions


Ngande Mwanajiti is spot on with regards to the privatization of mining companies. Hichilema and others made a fortune out of the run down economy they want to fix like a vehicle. They are pure political vultures.

M. Musonda, Lusaka


What has Shakafuswa  done for Katuba?


The Katuba MP has nowhere to sonta regardless of being an MP for more than 15 years. We repair roads by donating materials as if Katuba is not in Zambia. We have never benefited from CDF. Whenever the sontapo song plays, he hides as if he is not PF.


Katuba resident


Ban Tanzanian buses


Zambian buses are not allowed to go beyond Nakonde border into Tanzania. They say our buses are not roadworthy but their buses like Taqwa, Falcon e.t.c come to this country and beyond. South Africa has banned these ugly buses. I appeal to our authorities to respond.

T. Ngoma, Lusaka


MTN MoMo advert in bad taste


The MTN MoMo advert is very degrading to old people. Why must they be treated like that? MTN find a better advert to make money on.

Chisomo, Lusaka.



FAZ does not belong to Kalusha


I would like to advise Damiano Mutale and Pivoty Simwanga that FAZ does not belong to Kalusha Bwalya. We failed to win our 2 home games during Kalusha’s term. Please, don’t blame Kamanga because he has contributed to the growth our economy.







GBM’s unpalatable language


I wish to register my displeasure at the way GBM has continued to conduct himself in the most uncivilised manner. I now agree with people who doubt his academic qualifications. My teacher of English taught me that an educated person can easily be known by his talk, conduct and the way he or she treats other people. GBM lacks all these attributes no wonder he will just be a vice President of the UPND and not for Zambia.

Chrisy Manda,