Charcoal brazier kills 2 Lusaka workers

TWO people have suffocated to death from a charcoal brazier at Musoni bar in Lusaka’s George compound.

Police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga confirmed the incident, saying that the accident was reported to the police by the owner of the bar Thomas Mumbai yesterday.

Mr. Hamoonga said the incident happened in the early hours of Sunday, when the two workers decided to use a brazier to keep themselves warm in the premises.

He identified the deceased as Davies Simuchinga and Lawrence.

“A suspected case of carbon monoxide poisoning and suffocation was reported by Thomas Mumbai of George compound who is the owner of the bar where the deceased were found, that two of the workers had died inside his bar after using a brazier.

“This occurred between Saturday night around 23:00hrs and Sunday morning at about 07:00hrs when they were discovered,” Mr. Hamoonga said.

He said the bodies of the two were currently lying in the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) mortuary.