Chisamba pupils cry for adequate infrastructure

RESIDENTS of Mutoyo village of Chisamba constituency have expressed concern over the shortage of classrooms at Mutoyo Primary School in the area.

The residents complained that the school has only three classroom blocks for a school accommodating pupils from Grades 1 to 7.

One of the parents Esther Phiri said the works on the construction of more classrooms stalled sometime back and no help was rendered from the past governments.

Ms Phiri said  the school had no toilet and  water and that pupils go to a nearby bush to answer the call of nature.

She appealed to President Edgar Lungu to help the people of Mutoyo village as they were going to vote for him.

And on of the residents Peter Mulenga said the residents were living in fear because they had been threatened to vacate the area because the land in question belonged to investors.

And some pupils talked to said the main challenges they were facing were shortage of teachers and classrooms because one teacher handled two different grades from one classroom.

The pupils have since appealed to the Government to build a better school for them as they were the future leaders.

But area PF aspiring candidate Daniel Shikwesha assured the local people of a good school, better roads and clean water once elected.

He said once voted as a Member of Parliament he would make sure that he comes to the people’s aid.

Mr Shikwesha urged the people to vote for the PF for development to take place in the area.