HH told off over Post debt

By Nation Reporter

IT IS not heroic to steal public resources through evading taxes and Zambians should now realise that a billionaire in the name of Hakainde Hichilema has traded prudence with convenience by supporting the Post Newspaper that owes the country K53 million in tax, Wright Musoma has charged.

Mr Musoma, the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president, said it was disgraceful and unacceptable that Mr Hichilema, who has built his financial empire in an economy whose Treasury has been deprived of K53 million by the Post Newspaper, could condone such levels of criminality.

He said it had become crystal clear that Mr Hichilema’s desperate presidential ambitions had vetoed prudence and that Zambia would be in the wrong hands if the UPND presidential candidate was voted into power.

Mr Musoma said Mr Hichilema, who is the UPND presidential candidate and aspiring to govern the country, should have been the first to condemn such acts of criminality.

He said in an interview yesterday that Mr Hichilema had demonstrated that he was a man who did not believe in the principle of good governance and appealed to the Zambia Revenue Authority to consider looking at the UPND leader’s tax records to ascertain if he was up to date.

“It is neither heroic nor honourable to misappropriate public resources in taxes meant for poor Zambians. The Post Newspaper is in K53 million tax debts with the Zambia Revenue Authority and had been given as many opportunities to settle the amount but has arrogantly procrastinated through court process. It is annoying that Mr Hichilema, the UPND presidential candidate, has chosen convenience over prudence and yet he wants to govern this country,” Mr Musoma said. Mr Musoma said Mr Hichilema as a potential president of the country should be a law abiding citizen and should never allow himself to defend criminality in the manner he had come out over the Post Newspaper.

He said the K53 million was too big an amount that should not be politicised because the money could have touched many poor lives if it had been in the national Treasury. He recalled that the Post Newspaper stopped remitting taxes to ZRA in 2011 soon after late Michael Sata was elected president and that the newspaper would continue breaching the country’s tax laws if Mr Hichilema became president.