Kabimba ‘pathological failure’- Mumbi

WYNTER Kabimba is a wrong person to talk about the performance of the Patriotic Front (PF) in the five years it has been in power because he is a pathological failure who betrayed Michael Sata by undermining his Governmnet when he was entrusted with public responsibility, deputy spokesperson Mumbi Phiri has charged.

And Ms. Phiri said the PF agrees with United Party for National Development (UPND) vice president for administration Geoffrey Mwamba’s daughter, Sibongile, that the people of Kasama did not have quality leaders because she was being sincere that her father had not done anything tangible as area Member of Parliament (MP).

Reacting to Mr. Kabimba’s statement that the first five-year term of PF in government have been ‘‘wasted years’’ in the history of Zambia and that Zambians must redeem the country by voting out the PF regime, Ms. Phiri described Mr. Kabimba as an excess baggage that made governance difficult because he was a failure.

She said it was clear that the same people that were singing songs of praises for Mr. Sata were the ones who betrayed him by making it difficult for the PF to deliver to Zambians according to its campaign message.

She said it was good that people like Kabimba were coming out in the open to talk about their failures so that Zambians would know the real enemies of progress that made governance difficult in the past five years that the PF have been in government, adding that Mr. Kabimba should have said this when Mr. Sata was alive so that he could know how useless some individuals he trusted were.

She said Mr. Kabamba was never an inspirational leader whom people could trust because he failed to deliver a people-driven Constitution which Zambians had yearned for a long time, adding that if the PF did not do anything in the five years it has been in office, the axe should fall on him because he was at the helm of the party.

“He was Minister of Justice but failed to do anything about the Constitution we have today. He shelved it and did nothing. He shelved our Constitution and it took President Edgar Lungu to deliver it to the people when he came in as Justice Minister, and as president.

‘‘These are the people that if Mr. Sata was to wake up today he would be very ashamed to have appointed them to various positions in Governmnet because they are failures.

“Mr. Kabimba is among the people who pretended to be loyal to Mr. Sata but they were the ones who were stabbing him in the back because they had their own selfish interest in Governmnet and so his statement shows that he was part of the failure he is talking about because he was in Governmnet,” Ms. Phiri said.

And Ms. Phiri said the PF agree with Kasama Central UPND candidate Sibongile Mwamba that the people of Kasama were looking for quality leadership because it was true that her father had not done anything for the people during his tenure of office as MP. She said this year’s election was based on issues that affected the people, adding that Sibongile had refused to bank on falsehoods to win an election.

“We agree with Sibongile’s statement because it shows that her father had not done anything. This is how it should be where even the children are able to acknowledge the failures of their parents. It is true that Mr. Mwamba did not do anything as area MP,” she said.


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