Nkoyas reject BRE appointed sub-chief

By Nation Reporter

THE Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has again started meddling into our affairs by imposing Martin Limata as sub-chief Mwanatete but we shall not tolerate this kind of interference, the Nkoya Royal Establishment (NRE) has warned.

NRE spokesperson David Tamboka told the Daily Nation yesterday that the BRE was spreading its tentacles beyond its boundaries and was undermining the Nkoya chiefs by exercising control in areas beyond its jurisdiction.

Mr. Tamboka said the NRE will treat the appointment of Mr. Limata as the Mwanatete as null and void because it did not have the blessing of the NRE adding that the area was under the administration of chiefs Mutondo and Kahale.

He said the rightful Mwanatete was Munyikwa Matanda whom the two traditional leaders had appointed adding that the NRE would not succumb to BRE machinations which he said were only aimed at worsening the already simmering relationship between the BRE and other establishments in the province.

He said the NRE would not succumb to BRE pressure but will maintain its recognition of Mr. Matanda as the Mwanatete as he was the legitimately chosen leader adding that no amount of pressure from the BRE would change the state of affairs.

“It is simple logic that another royal establishment cannot start presiding over the affairs of chiefs in a different establishment but unfortunately, the BRE has continued to meddle in our affairs and the affairs of other royal establishments and this is what we are refusing as NRE.

He said the people of Western Province were interested in maintaining peace in the area but warned that if the BRE continued interfering with the affairs of the NRE, it should be prepared for consequences.

“We are not interested in unnecessary fights. Western Province needs peace but the problem we have is that the BRE thinks it is the overall authority here. We have said the BRE is a divisive entity only preoccupied with creating problems in this province but we shall not allow that to happen.

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