Pay Post debt, USA told


By Nation Reporter

THE United States and the European Union (EU) should take up the K53 million Post Newspaper tax debts owed to the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) and pay it in full instead of interfering with the governance of Zambia, Brebner Changala has charged.

And Mr Changala has described as insolence Hakainde Hichilema’s ultimatum to President Edgar Lungu to open the Post Newspaper which was closed by ZRA for failing to honour its tax obligations.

Mr Changala said President Lungu was a leader of the country and it was extremely disrespectful for Mr Hichilema to give orders to the Head of State on a matter that had nothing to do with the President.

Mr Changala has accused the USA of not being happy that Zambia has remained a peaceful and united country since independence and is working to destabilise the country so that they can start giving aid and dictate how the country should be governed.

Meanwhile, Mr Changala said since the USA, the UK and the EU are advocating that the Post Newspaper should be exempt from paying tax because the newspaper was doing what was pleasing and exciting to the Western countries, Zambians who were taxpayers should therefore go on tax holiday until after the August general elections.

He said it was ironical that the Post Newspaper which was critical of Government for its alleged non-performance was at the centre of avoiding to and refusing pay tax.

Mr Changala said the US had always been an advocate of democracy and good governance anchored on the principle of the rule of law but wondered why they were always defending people and organisations which committed crimes such as the Post Newspaper.

He said there had been many companies and institutions in the country that had been foreclosed by the ZRA without the hullabaloo from the US, cautioning that the interference by the American government, the UK and the EU should not be taken lightly.

“Since the US, the British and the EU have joined the saga of the Post Newspaper not paying tax because they realise that the collection of tax in Zambia is embedded in the freedom of the press, I call upon citizens who are taxpayers to join the US in solidarity with the Post Newspaper to go on tax holiday until after the general elections.

‘‘What is good for the goose is good for the gander?” Mr Changala said.

Mr Changala said the US was hunting some of its citizens such as Julius Asange and Ed Snowden who had exposed the American government for spying on its citizens through hacking phones and e-mail communications yet they were in Zambia attempting to dictate how the country should be governed.

3 thoughts on “Pay Post debt, USA told

  1. Mr. Changala, I think that your thinking capacity is compromised because there is something for you in all this. Do you really think all
    the people are as shallow minded as you?
    Why do you want to insult our intelligence?

    Please tell the nation how much Times
    of Zambia and Daily Mail are owing ZRA
    for people to believe you.

    Dont you know that these are simple tactics Doctators
    use to intimidate perceived enemies? President
    Robert G Mugabe once locked up constitutional lawyer Mwonzora
    on trumped allegations in the midst of
    writing Zimbabwe Constitution.

  2. Let Britain and USA go and sort out their issue which are hot in their respective countries. Britain recently voted to pull out of EU and it had heated a debt in UK. Avoid getting involved into our issues.

  3. don’t worry. very soon there shall be no UK as the member kingdoms shall soon break away. Viva Scotland independence referundum

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