Abortion ban cheers Catholics


Catholic priests have declared their support for the prohibition of abortions, as outlined in the propsed Bill of Rights.

Father Charles Chilinda of St. Ignatius Church said that any action to end life, whether through capital punishment or abortion, was an affront to God.

“The church will always fight for the life of a person,” he said.

Clause 15 of the Bill of Rights states that “a person has the right to life”, and “life of a person begins at conception”, effectively outlawing abortions.

Father Chilinda said some organizations disapproved of the clause, as their interest was in promoting abortions.

“There are different organizations that for their own sake want to control populations. So they will advance certain arguments,” he said

And Father Jones Chitalu said the right to life was paramount, and that it superseded all other rights.

“We cannot talk about any right without first talking about the right to life,” he said.

Father Chitalu said it was important for people to not play God, by trying to determine who should and should not live, or what quality of life was worth living.  He stated that if the amount of money spent on promoting abortion was spent instead on sex education, the issue of unplanned pregnancies would not be so prevalent.

Father Chitalu encouraged those who cannot raise children to utilize the resources of the church, such as counseling, or adoption services.

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