Be wary of evil minded politicians

PATRONS of Marketeers and Vendors, Chanda Kabwe has urged the clergy to put Zambia in serious prayers because evil minded politicians want to plunge Zambia into chaos because they have realized that it will be difficult for them to scoop the 2016 elections.

Mr Kabwe said the violence being perpetrated by some opposition cadres and the language of mayhem being uttered by some opposition political party leaders was a clear indication that they were evil minded people who would stop at nothing to get into government.

He said in an interview yesterday after meeting with clergymen and women in Petauke that it was sad that instead of elections being a democratic exercise to elect leaders, it had become a matter of life and death to some bitter opposition leaders who harboured  alot of hatred against President Edgar Lungu.

“For me, the way I look at it, the 2016 elections is a fight between the God-fearing and the evil minded people who are so bitter and can do anything to form government. So during our meeting with clergymen and women in Petauke, I asked them to put Zambia in serious prayers so that these evil minded politicians do not succeed in plunging Zambian into chaos,” Mr Kabwe said.

He said the clergymen and women should have spiritual eyes to see that the evil do not take over the running of this country because President Lungu has put Zambia in the hands of God.

“It is the duty of Christians to seek the face of God because when the righteous rule, people rejoice, but when the evil rule, people scatter. We have already seen the violence being perpetrated by the cadres of the evil minded opposition political parties. So if such kind of people are allowed to rule the country, people will truly scatter,” Mr Kabwe said.

He said most evil minded opposition leaders have always been critical of President Lungu’s move to embrace God and put Zambia in God’s hands because most of them do not believe in God.

Mr Kabwe said the decision by President Lungu to construct a House of Prayer was criticized by some opposition leaders who do not believe in God.

“It is really surprising to find that some opposition leaders attacking President Lungu’s stance to seek God’s guidance during difficult times. To them, they do not believe in God. So Zambians have to be careful with opposition leaders who do not believe in God.

“Such kind of leaders, if voted into government, they can bring practices that are against christian values and Zambia will be lost in the wilderness of satanism. Am just warning you,” He said.

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