Fr Luonde moans Post closure


FATHER Richard Luonde says political players and other stakeholders should not celebrate the closure of the Post Newspapers over its tax obligations amounting to K53 million.

Fr Luonde who is Rainbow Party Nchanga Constituency parliamentary candidate in Chingola said it was wrong for some politicians to start celebrating about the closure of the Post Newspaper.

He said politicians should instead give solidarity and support to The Post Newspaper proprietor Fred M’membe on the way forward and how the issue of the tax could be resolved with the country’s Revenue authority.

Fr Luonde said it was unfortunate that some politicians were having daily picnics over the newspaper’s predicament without thinking about its employees who had families to look after.

He said although The Post was undergoing   difficult times, it would resurface because there were some well-wishers who had come on board and wanted to assist the newspaper company to start operating again on a full scale.

Fr Luonde said all those celebrating about The Post Newspaper were full of hate for Mr M’membe and his workers because they had the pull him down syndrome.

He said despite the closure of the Newspaper, the dreams of The Post were not shattered because when it bounces back, those who were currently partying would be humbled by the Newspaper’s resurrection.

Fr Luonde claimed that The Post provided checks and balances to the Zambian populace in terms of economic or social development and the democratic governance of the country.

He said The Post was the mother of all private Newspaper companies  in the country because it was the first one to be established in the country hence the paper should deserve the respect from the politicians and others who were mocking it.

Fr Luonde said   what had happened at The Post could happen to any company hence the politicians and others should not rejoice.