M’membe begs ZRA


THE Post Newspaper has now written to the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General Berlin Msiska seeking for discretional consideration in settling the K53 million tax debt.

And the Daily Nation has been informed that it was illegal for any printing company to take up the printing of the Post Newspaper whose assets had been seized by ZRA for the non-payment of the K53 million tax debts.

The source said the decision by the Post Newspaper was within the law and that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was grossly misguided for issuing an ultimatum to President Edgar Lungu.

They said discretional consideration was purely the prerogative of the ZRA commissioner general and that it was only Dr Msiska who could at this point determine how tax was supposed to be collected.

They explained that Fred M’membe knew that the non-payment of the K53 million tax debt was not a matter for the State and that was why the newspaper had applied to ZRA for discretional consideration.

“They know exactly who is responsible for the seizure of its assets and it has nothing to do with the President. So the ultimatum Mr Hichilema gave President Lungu should have come to us. In fact the opposite is true that


ZRA has given the Post an ultimatum to settle  that debt,” the source said. They said it was law that if a tax payer defaults and that if it had become clear that such a tax payer was showing serious signs of failing to pay, ZRA had powers to seize the assets of such a tax payer to protect them from being tampered with.

The sources said at the point when it would be certain that a tax debt was not going to be settled, ZRA had the mandate to dispose such assets to recover the tax due.

And it has been revealed that the Post Newspaper was being printed by a named Printing company in Lusaka but that it was illegal for whoever was printing the newspaper to deliver it to the publisher for selling because the newspaper was supposed to be taken to ZRA who would in turn in the process of recovering the tax.

The source said if any other individual was feeling sorry for the Post Newspaper, the right thing to do was to print the newspaper and deliver it to ZRA which would be selling to reduce on the indebtedness of the newspaper.

The source said the Post Newspaper was stealing from ZRA by secretly printing the newspaper and that the revenue authority had the right to move against the owners of the printing company.

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  1. Please pay taxes for our economy to tick/pick and we buy essentials. Do not be good for nothing when you know the law on taxation. You cry of services not rendered yet some chap is cheekly not paying taxes!! ZRA carry on and sort out whoever is printing the post and should be penalised dearly.

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