The Western governments’ deceit


The protest by UK, UN, US and EU embassies over the closure of The Post Newspaper for their failure to pay K53 million tax is an affront to the Zambian Government. In the UK, footballers are forever pursued for tax evasion. Wake up Zambia!

SK Chishimba,



Fred cannot choose Presidents for us  


Fred M’membe thinks that he has the right to choose presidents for us. Sorry, some of us stopped buying your paper a long time ago!



Can ZRA stop Post illegality?


Is ZRA blind? I would like to find out from ZRA if they meant business when they said Post was closed due to non-payment of tax. The question is, are ZRA workers blind not to see that The Post has continued operating illegally by publishing the paper? Please stop them! Let them pay their taxes because we will not take you seriously. The law is the law.




Please ZRA, get our money from the Post!


The West will give The Post money to pay us what belongs to us and by so doing, it will be encouraging criminality. Let the West do that in their countries not in Zambia.

Mr Daka.


August 11 is for Lungu, PF


It is with a clear view that Edgar Lungu and the PF will win the elections because the people of Zambia have no reason to vote the PF out of government.

E. Soko,


HH ultimatum to Lungu sick, illegal


The ultimatum given to President Lungu by HH does not only hold any water but it is illegal and disrespectful and can only come from minds of the likes of HHs who always believe in insults. It can only come from a thoughtless political leader who thinks Zambians are stupid. The Post is a tax defaulter!

Chanda Chisha,



Mr Divo Katete’s hot air


Mr Divo Katete was  Mayor of Kitwe, why didn’t he move Buchi clinic somewhere? He is telling us that if elected MP for Nkana, he will talk to Phoenix Materials managing director to give back the land to squatters. Mr Katete, you are not the owner of that land! Tell us something else!

Isaac Chitambala,







Kabwe Shoprite workers rude


Allow me space in your paper to comment on Kabwe Shoprite workers. Their attitude towards customers is not pleasing because once you reach the till they can’t even greet you and when you are looking for something they will not even bother to help you. Can Shoprite management train their workers to have a better attitude towards customers!