The Post has defended Zambians when it mattered most…


The letter by one James Zulu titled as above, produced in the June 23 edition of the Daily Nation, cannot go unchallenged because it was grossly misleading and sounded highly vindictive.

M’membe or the Post  newspaper, to my knowledge, have never called Zambians foolish neither have they, individually or collectively, enjoyed State power at any time despite having assisted both the MMD and the PF assume State power in 1991 and 2011 respectively.

It is also an absurdity to claim that M’membe has made enemies with everyone across all sectors of the Zambian society as Zulu seemed to imply.

The only people’s toes M’membe could have stepped on are the toes of those who have betrayed the Zambian people in one way or another after being entrusted with the opportunity to manage public resources on behalf of Zambians.

The Post newspaper has been the frontrunner in the promotion of democracy in this country and the newspaper has played a pivotal role in enhancing good governance practices through protection of fundamental rights of individuals, transparency and the rule of law as well as being whistle blowers on corruption in high echelons of power.

Without such efforts, this country would have been, by now, another story of tin pot dictatorship and unbridled corruption. We must give credit where it is due!

Coming to the matter at the centre of the closure of the Post newspaper, I can only state that any law that flies in the face of moral and ethical considerations is a bad law.

The Post newspaper employs many people directly and indirectly who have all been negatively affected by this closure. In a society where unemployment levels are extremely high, it is inconsiderate and morally wrong to take such a drastic measure as closing a local company employing thousands of people when we have it on record how the same authorities have bent backwards several times to accommodate the interests and concerns of foreign companies.

It is simply ridiculous! Even if one had a bone to grind with the Post newspaper or Fred M’membe or both, surely one should be hesitant to go the way things have turned out purely on account of the thousands of people and their families whose livelihoods depend on this company!

And the Post newspaper has never refused to meet its tax obligations! I am not, by any means, defending violation of any laws.

But as you reported in the same edition, the presiding High Court judge, in his ruling, actually stated that “other avenues between the newspaper company and ZRA could have been explored to give some respite to the company if it was facing financial distress” and further that “the ZRA Commissioner-General should use his sober judgment and honest discretion not to allow defaulting entities to be closed down”.

We are all Zambians irrespective of any differences or bitterness that may occur amongst us.

We should, therefore, strive to work towards building each other instead of rushing to destroy each other just because we have different approaches to the various aspects of our national life!

Pepino C. Kashishi.



HH can’t fix the Zambian economy

HH can’t fix the Zambian economy when China is failing.

Your 10-point economic plan is a desperate, political campaign gimmick.

No one will fix the economy as you put it. Sorry Mr HH, we have the best economist in the country better than you and he can bear with me that HH is cheating!  His 10-point plan is a copycat of what the PF has done and are doing.

My advice to all loving Zambians is that we should never be cheated by some of our politicians, especially those connected to the cartel. Don’t be fooled otherwise it will be too late to preserve our national interests.

The country is in safe hands with Mr Lungu and Madam Wina.

Moonga Richwell,


Donor community baffles

ZambiansSince there is no one above the law, it is only fair that the Post pays its tax obligations to ZRA just like everyone else does including individual workers.

I can only imagine our ambassador in Washington DC telling the Washington Post to pay tax if it was found wanting in that respect. Totally unthinkable!

Is it because of poverty that those with powers can begin to undress us and leave us naked in public because they have the money?

Is it in order for the West to support lawlessness for whatever reason just because they think they know better?

I think our donor community is playing double standards but if they don’t like what is going on in Zambia they are perfectly free to leave our country.

After all there is honour in poverty and the West should not take advantage of poverty to turn us into their puppets on strings.

Mwana Mulumbwana.