I WANT to leave a legacy of selflessness in the way we do politics because I understand what it means to be betrayed by people you entrusted with public responsibility, Kalomo Central Independent parliamentary aspirant Smart Muwele has said.

Mr. Muwele said people of Kalomo Central were looking for a leader who would transform the constituency into a major town whose rich historical background and legacy was almost forgotten because of under-development.

He said the tendency of politicians seek public office in order to enrich themselves was making politics a venture by which people should amass wealth, adding that this had left most parts of the country undeveloped as some parliamentarians were preoccupied with pursuing personal interest once elected.

He pledged to lobby for better roads in the constituency once elected into office, saying being a farming block, Kalomo needed good roads that would make the delivery of farming produce to markets easier and cheaper unlike the current situation where most roads were impassable and shunned by transporters.

He noted that most farmers in far-flung areas where feeder roads to the nearest Food Reserve Agency (FRA) depots were in a deplorable state, adding that efficiency was compromised as transporters took long to reach such areas due to the bad state of the road network.

“Leadership should be treated as provision of service to the people. Unfortunately, most people have taken political leadership as an opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of delivering development according to their campaign messages. That is why I am here to change that. I am here to leave a legacy of selflessness and servant leadership which will live on long after I am gone.

“I have not joined politics in order to make a fortune for myself. I think I have enough. I want to make it easy for that farmer who is struggling to produce food for Zambians to be able to transport his produce without having to spend a lot but be able to access the market within the shortest possible time. For that, we need a good road network and that is what I will lobby for,” Mr. Muwele said.

He said he was in good position to win the seat because he had identified himself with the challenges of the people since he had been working with the grass-roots even before he planned to contest as MP.

He said people of Kalomo had always supported him and that all the UPND officials were backing him despite the party’s decision to ditch him by nominating a different candidate and said no amount of mudslinging from his opponents would change the people’s decision because they had already made up their mind to vote for him.

He said his opponents should be ready to accept defeat because their fate was already known.