LCC explains road construction program


The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has charged that road construction works cannot happen at the same time because there is a specified stretch of kilometres of roads that can be worked on in every constituency in a given financial year.

The LCC public relations manager Habeenzu Mulunda said it was important for residents who were complaining of poor road network to understand that all roads could not be constructed at the same time.

Mr. Mulunda said that the local leadership in the various constituencies submitted the names of the roads that needed to be worked on to the council.

“After the council receives the submissions, the authority later takes the names to the Road Development Agency (RDA) which is in charge of ensuring that road works commence on the projects that were submitted,” he said.

Mr. Mulunda said to avoid confusions when constructing roads, there was a certain stretch of kilometres of roads that were chosen to be worked on in a particular year, and once they were worked on, the other roads had to wait for another year so that they could be worked on.

‘’It’s not possible to work on every road in the constituencies all at the same time and that is why there’s  a specific number of roads that is chosen to be worked on per year’’, he said.

Mr. Mulunda also said that commencement of road works also depended on the availability of resources for the projects to be successful.

He said the Agency could not commence road works if it did not have enough resources to acquire all the necessary items that were needed for road constructions.

“As a council, we just receive submissions from the constituencies, but we do not have the final say on when the road works should commence. We get the submissions and hand them over to RDA which is the Agency in charge of ensuring that all the projects commence, but it cannot do if as an agency it does not have the funds to carry out the works.

“Road works cannot be completed or carried out in the same period of time, it can only happen at given intervals and most importantly, depending on the resources that are,” he said.