UDF failed project, says Mumbi

THE United Democratic Front (UDF) was formed by selfish politicians who wanted to take over from late president Michael Sata and it had nowhere to go, Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has charged.

But UDF president Miles Sampa has dismissed allegations of his party being dissolved, saying those behind the move should show proof that they were genuine UDF members.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation, Ms. Phiri said president Sata was mandated by the Constitution to appoint whoever he deemed fit to take over from him.

“The Constitution allowed him even to pick his wife and give her the instruments of power; it allowed him to even pick his son and give him the instruments of power. It also allowed him even to pick on a person like Mumbi Phiri and give her the instruments of power,” said Ms. Phiri.

Ms. Phiri said Mr Sata left the instruments of power with President Edgar Lungu because he saw the leadership qualities the Head of State had.

“But out of selfishness, those who wanted us to be hated are now joining the United Party for National Development (UPND),” she said.

Commenting on the defection of the UDF national spokesperson Mr. Josab Changa to the PF, the deputy secretary general said that people had now realised that they were duped, hence had resorted to joining the Patriotic Front.

“They shouldn’t even feel bad, they are welcome; we will work with them to make this country better,” said Ms. Phiri.

When asked as to what advice she had for the UDF leader Miles Sampa, Ms. Phiri said he was an adult and that he had eyes to see for himself.

But Mr Sampa dismissed as false the dissolution of his party.

“I am challenging those claiming to defect to the PF to produce letters of appointment to prove whether their appointments were under the de-registered DF or the current UDF party,’’ he said.

Mr Sampa said the imposters should worry less in making the decision to defect because there was free money for fake defectors.

Mr Mtonga in his announcement stated that the decision was arrived at after a countrywide consultation with all structures on the future of the party. He was flanked by UDF Central Province chairperson Adore Phiri and national youth chairperson Kingsley Chinyama who said that the move was because of lack of seriousness and coordination in the alliance of the UDF and UPND.