Lungu honours FJT


PRESIDENT Lungu yesterday re-named Luapula University whose procurement process has started after the late second republican president Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba.

Addressing multitudes of people at Mushanga village during his ongoing whistle-stop tour of Luapula Province, the Head of State said the memory of Dr Chiluba needed to be honoured because he made great contributions towards the reintroduction of plural politics in Zambia.

And President Lungu told Kawambwa residents that the opposition political parties were all telling lies about operationalising Kawambwa Tea factory because his government had already signed documents to revamp it.

“I have already signed the order papers to revamp Kawambwa Tea Factory, so those who are coming here to tell you that they shall revamp it are lying,” he said.

President Lungu called on the residents to vote ‘YES’ for the Bill of Rights.

He said the people should look out for the eye symbol as a sign for voting for ‘YES’ for the Bill of Rights.

The Head of State also enlightened Kawambwa residents that the Constitution implied that if they voted for him, then it was automatic that they had voted for Ms Inonge Wina as well.

And Kawambwa PF aspiring candidate Nickson Chilangwa said Dr Guy Scott was unwise to join UPND because its leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema once insulted him and late Michael Sata.

And First Lady Esther Lungu has called for an end to child marriages in Luapula province.

Speaking in Pambashe constituency at a rally addressed by her husband, the first lady told parents to stop marrying off school going children. She also appealed to men in Pambashe to stop extra marital affairs because that had been causing sufferings in homes.

She said men should not cause suffering by taking HIV/AIDs into their homes from their girlfriends.

And Christian for Democratic Assembly Dr Dan Pule knelt down during a rally in Kawambwa constituency to thank President Lungu for honouring late president Chiluba by naming Luapula University after his name. Dr Pule urged the residents to vote for President Lungu on August 11 for continued development.

And Captain Austin Chewe who is former Kabwe Central Member of Parliament told Pambashe constituency residents to give President Lungu another mandate because the one year which he had been given was not enough as it was meant to finish late President Michael Sata’s mandate.

2 thoughts on “Lungu honours FJT

  1. That was a BRILLIANT idea of remembering late president FJT, God bless u and your government. You surely have my vote

  2. How can mr Lungu honor the dead when the living are there ? Am failing to understand his move or he wants MMD supporters to give him a big vote for honoring the late Pres Chiluba for me I don’t see any wisdom in that.

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