Spell out poverty reduction measures-ActionAid

ALL political parties participating in the August 11 elections must come out clearly on how they plan to fund their manifestos, should they win the elections, says ActionAid country director Nalucha Nganga Ziba.

Ms Ziba observed that political parties had been busy setting out their stalls to the country’s electorate, and therefore, it would be prudent to take interest in issues of transparency and accountability. She said political parties should show the people of Zambia where those monies they were promising would come from.

“Anyone can promise the earth but unless the parties can show us where the money will come from, the promises risk being nothing but empty,” she said.

Ms Ziba said ActionAid supported efforts to diversify Zambia’s economy, building the manufacturing sector and generating decent and formalised jobs for youths and women in particular.

“These promises are but pipe dreams unless the parties tell us squarely how they will raise the money needed,” he said.

Ms Ziba said the best source of Government revenue both now and in the future was from taxes, saying his organisation was presenting key election demands with a focus on where the next Government should get the money needed to tackle poverty and meet all Zambians’ rights.

She said ActionAid supported political parties’ commitment to invest in gender responsive public service which was the most effective way of reducing inequality and poverty.

“And therefore, as the country prepares to go to the polls, ActionAid is calling to spell out not only their key promises, but also how they intend to finance these should they get into Government,” she said.

ActionAid explained the five separate issues that the Zambian people would be asked to vote for such as the referendum, Presidency, Parliamentarians, Mayoral and local councillors, which the organisation said was committed to support a strong and independent election process by participating in the electoral process.