UPND cadre rapes girl 15


POLICE in Siavonga have launched a manhunt for a UPND cadre who is alleged to have raped and defiled a 15-year-old girl as punishment because her father is a member of PF.

According to a police source, the relatives to the minor reported the matter to Siavonga police station yesterday and a manhunt has since been launched to apprehend the suspect.

The police source named the suspect as Kebby Mulengwa of Kaleya compound who was alleged to have dragged the minor into a nearby bush next to where UPND Siavonga parliamentary candidate, Darius Mulunda, had set up his campaign camp ahead of the August 11 general elections.

“Yes, I can confirm that we have received a report of rape case involving a 15 year-old girl and a cadre from a named political party. The perpetrator is on the run and we have launched a manhunt,’’ said the source.

And according to the relative to the girl, the family had earlier approached Mr Mulunda to surrender the suspect who was hiding in his camp but that he refused to do so, saying the girl had consented to sex and therefore she was not raped as claimed by her parents.

The relative said in an interview that it was sad that Mr Mulunda who was aspiring to be a Member of Parliament was shielding his cadre who had committed a very serious crime from facing the law.

He called on the Police to arrest Mulunda for allegedly aiding the suspect to escape.  He said investigations should extend to Mr Mulunda because he was the one who knew the whereabouts of the cadre in question.

“We know that he (Mulunda) and his party, the UPND, don’t like us because we support the PF but this should not be the reason for raping our daughter,” complained the uncle of the victim.

But Mr Mulunda in an interview later distanced himself from the matter saying he was busy with campaigns and did not want to get involved in the smear campaign by the PF camp in the area.

He said he was aware that the PF in Siavonga were just after denting his name ahead of the elections and were using the alleged rape of the girl by one of his supporters to slow down his campaigns.