Video sexual abuse victim found by police

POLICE have launched a manhunt for the group of men who brutalised and sexually abused a woman in a video that has shocked the nation.

Police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said yesterday that police have managed to track down the victim and have interviewed her, and that police had made headways in their investigations.

The woman in the video which has gone viral on social media has been identified and the incident happened in Kafue last Saturday.  The woman is said to be in stable condition despite her ordeal.

And the Non-Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council (NGOCC) yesterday petitioned the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to protect women and ensure that the Kafue woman’s assailants were arrested.

Presenting the petition to Mr Kanganja, NGOCC executive director Engwase Mwale said the organisation was disturbed by the video circulating on social media in which the woman was brutally assaulted and sexually abused by a group of men.

Ms Mwale said part of the video showed a man beating the woman until she was unconscious while others stripped her naked and turned to abusing her to the extent of pushing objects into her private parts.

She said the incident was ‘‘highly abusive and was the highest form of indignity against women’’ who felt unprotected and unsafe in their own country.

Ms Mwale said the women movement felt insulted in the manner the woman was abused and brutalised, stating that no human being deserved to be treated in such an inhuman manner by fellow human beings.

Ms. Mwale regretted the increase in the number of women being abused by men on social media recordings that had emerged.

She said despite the organisation issuing many statements denouncing violence on women, nothing seemed to be changing as women continued to be abused as evidenced by the latest video being circulated.

Ms Mwale demanded that the Zambia Information and Communication Authority and the Zambia Police Service should work together and identify the culprits who recorded and circulated the video which she said has violated the ‘‘sanctity of womanhood’’ so that the law could take its course.

The organisation also appealed to members of the general public to help the police identify the men involved in the scandal.

Mr Hamoonga said the police officers were on the ground looking for the assailants and have appealed to the public to report such cases, adding that in this case it took the police to move in and track down the victim who should have reported the matter to the police in the first place.

Mr Hamoonga urged civil society organisations in the country to educate the public, especially women, on their rights and responsibilities.