‘Don’t boast about riches’


By Nation Reporter

ZAMBIANS who claim to be rich and those living in the diaspora should be supporting Government’s efforts in improving people’s lives, instead of just boasting when they cannot help the poor, residents of Ichimpe township in Kalulushi have said

Martin Mupesa said people who were claiming to have a lot of money, but were waiting to be in government so that they could improve people’s lives had no heart for the people.

He said that during a meeting after Beverly Chishimba, a former resident of Ichimpe Township now living in the United States of America contributed US$700 towards the improved operations of the Ichimpe clinic.

The US$700 was part of the US$1000 which included rehabilitation and paintings of the clinic and the donation of blankets, detergents, bathing soap, bins and other goods towards improving the operations of the health centre.

Mr Mupesa said the donation of US$700 towards the clinic by Ms Chishimba was an indication that a person had the heart for fellow Zambians despite living in the diaspora.

“So for those who are politicians and claim to have a lot of money and those who live in the diaspora, they should support government’s efforts in improving health or education sectors, instead of just boasting, but you can’t even construct a toilet in the village where you come from.

“In fact, these politicians who claim to have a lot money, should target townships like Ichimpe where they should come and improve people’s lives.

They should emulate Beverly Chishimba, who is a former resident of Ichimpe living in the diaspora, but decides to do something for the people in the area. This is a demonstration of what it means to have a heart for the people,” Mr Mupesa said.

Last month, ELPIS Global Denominational Fellowship pastor Richard Phiri handed over assorted goods to Ichimpe Clinic, among them blankets, detergent powders, bathing soap, bins and others.

The total donation of goods which included the rehabilitation and painting of the clinic was US$1000 and was made possible by the former residents of Ichimpe who are now living in the diaspora.

Reverend Phiri said he was handing over the donations to the clinic from the Ichimpe residents living in the diaspora, among them Beverly Chishimba, who contributed US$700, Lizzie Chitumfya, Henry Sakala, Sylvia Sampa, Vivien Kabeli and others.