Lungu assures SADC on elections


By Nation Reporter

PRESIDENT Edger Lungu has assured the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) that Zambia is going to have transparent, peaceful, free and fair elections because the country strongly believes in the fundamental principles of democracy.

Speaking during a luncheon at Mukuba Hotel hosted for visiting Mozambique President Fillipe Nyusi, President Lungu said Zambia would endeavour to hold transparent elections as it had always done since the dawn of multi-party democracy.

President Lungu asked President Nyusi, who is SADC chairperson, to ensure election observers were present for the August elections and that Zambia would fully cooperate.

“Just like in Mozambique and other countries, after elections there are people that always cry foul but it is not because elections were not held in a transparent manner,” President Lungu said.

President Lungu said Government appreciated the cordial relationship between Mozambique and Zambia and that the relations had been cordial from independence struggle as citizens embraced each other as brothers and sisters.

He said the relationship had transcended over areas that cover political consultation, defence, and science, social and economic sphere.

He stated that Zambia and Mozambique had signed three memoranda of understanding in agriculture, energy, transport, commerce and energy.

The President said the thermal power project which would produce 1200 megawatts scheduled to be put up in Mozambique would benefit the two countries in the area of energy and would help ameliorate the power deficit Zambia had suffered.

President Lungu, however, noted that Zambia and Mozambique had suffered from the economic downturn induced by the external factors due the fall of prices of metal at the international market.

Speaking earlier during the official opening of the 52nd Zambia International Trade Fair under the theme’ Enhanced value addition for job creation’ President Nyusi said he was encouraged and motivated by the enthusiasm by exhibitors at the Trade Fair.

President Nyusi said the two countries were blessed and endowed with natural resources should use their resources to alleviate poverty.

He said African countries should be agents of production of their natural resources to enhance productivity and contribute to global economics.

He said SADC countries should move forward and explore needs of optimism in areas such as infrastructure, energy and research.

He said the power project being facilitated by Zambia and Mozambique was a significant intervention that would contribute to poverty alleviation in the region.

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