MMD ‘grabs’ vehicles


A joint operation by the Zambia police and MMD security team has recovered a total number of four out of 13 vehicles from the former party president Dr Nevers Mumba, MMD National Secretary Rahpeal Nakachinda has confirmed.

Mr Nakachinda said the four vehicles were recovered from former national Executive Committee (NEC)  and other party officials from Muchinga, Northern, Central ,Luapula and Lusaka provinces.

He warned all former MMD NEC members holding on to vehicles  and  other party property to hand over to avoid embarrasement.

Mr Nakachinda said the attempt by former NEC members to hide the vehicles  was an act of criminality .

He has warned of serious action against anyone being in possession of property without any lawful authority.

Meanwhile, MMD president Felix Mutati says it is a pity that Dr Nevers Mumba is still posing as the former ruling party leader.

Mr Mutati said it was shocking that Dr Mumba continued to pose as party president when the national executive committee members had already installed him as party leader.

“Dr Mumba has chosen to hold on to the party as MMD president as if MMD was his father’s party when big names like Rupiah Banda left the party,” he said.

Mr Mutati said he was happy that MMD was still a strong party despite the wrangles which had erupted with the former president Dr Nevers Mumba’s leadership.

He said despite the challenges the party still remained firm until when the National Executive Committee (NEC) held the party’s convention which saw him as the party’s president at the convention which was held in Kabwe.

Mr Mutati said this when he addressed a rally in Serenje Constituency to drum up support for MMD candidate Maxwell Kabanda.

He was optimistic that MMD candidates in the August 11 elections would deliver for the Zambian people.

Mr Mutati said the people of Serenje needed a person of Mr Kabanda’s calibre who had done a lot of projects in the area by using his personal funds.

He urged the electorate to vote for Mr Kabanda and the MMD councilors on August 11.

Mr Mutati cautioned the electorate against voting for other opposition candidates because they allegedly had no plans for Zambians.

President Mutati also urged Mr Kabanda to bring out the challenges that his people in his constituency were going through when he goes into parliament and not to forget the people who gave him a vote.

He urged his candidate not to be selfish but to use the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) wisely as the money belonged to the people.

And Mr Kabanda promised to improve water supply and sanitation in Serenje Constituency if elected Member of Parliament on August 11 this year.

He said he was aware of the serious water supply challenges the people of Serenje Constituency were facing and if elected, he would work on improving the water supply and sanitation in the area.

Mr Kabanda said he also wanted to empower the women and the youths for the betterment of the nation.

“I want you to vote for me to bring development to our constituency,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mutati said the MMD and PF alliance was based on five principles which were the 50 percent + 1 are winning vote, economy and investment, competition and not enmity and democratic tolerance.

He said his party was not there to help the ruling party but to work together for a common goal.

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  1. But the MMD should not forget that Mr Mutati was not elected at the conversion , of which Mutati is acting president for the part

  2. Mutati should have spelt out the alliance principles and directed the members on what next especially in the areas where there are no candidates instead of being double tongued.

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