Prepare for defeat, UPND told

By Nation Reporter

THE UPND and all those wishing the downfall of the Patriotic Front (PF) will be shocked on August 11 when Zambians will renew the mandate of the ruling party, PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya has said.

Fr. Bwalya said PF was not shaken by remarks from some people especially from UPND suggesting that PF would lose next month’s elections.

He was reacting to UPND presidential spokesperson Edward Mumbi’s remarks that PF would lose elections to UPND and the ruling party should be ready to accept defeat.

Fr. Bwalya said it was unlikely that the UPND would unseat the ruling party as Zambians were appreciating various developments which the PF had initiated since assuming power in October 2011.

“The PF is not yet done with Zambia. We still have a lot to do for this country and the Zambian people are appreciating the developmental projects we have initiated since we came into power. We have been to almost every part of the country and we are proud to say that PF is receiving massive support.

“So it is funny for the UPND to predict that PF will lose the elections. Come August 11, UPND will be shocked. Some people will die of high blood pressure because PF is here to stay at least for now. Let them continue lying to themselves and we are not moved by such opinions,” Fr. Bwalya said.

He reiterated that as far as the PF was concerned, Zambians were solidly behind President Edgar Lungu and that the party was certain of victory on August 11.

Fr. Bwalya instead advised the UPND to be ready for defeat in the elections.

He warned that should the UPND refuse to accept the will of the Zambian people, they would bear the consequences of their conducts.

Fr. Bwalya said the remarks that PF should accept defeat because UPND would win the elections, was just meant to undo their own mistake of refusing to admit defeat.

“Zambians do not forget. They know very well that the UPND has been accusing PF of planning to rig the elections and that UPND will not accept defeat. This has been their consistent message.

“For them to start saying that PF should accept defeat, it’s because they have been advised that it is not good for them to admit that they are going to lose so openly,” he said.