Siliya rebukes HH, Nawakwi

By Nation Reporter

HAKAINDE Hichilema and Edith Nawakwi have no democratic morals to attempt to convert their political parties, the UPND and the FDD respectively into personal establishments after they have been rejected many times in many elections, Dora Siliya has charged.

Ms Siliya, the Energy and Water Development Minister, said Mr Hichilema had wanted to be president of the country but had been rejected by Zambians several times and wondered where the UPND leader was getting the entitlement of continuing being a leader of the opposition party.

Ms Siliya said British Prime Minister David Cameron had to offer to resign after his campaign to stay in the European Union (EU) failed because he realised that he could no longer provide confidence in the NO Vote in the Conservative.

She said in her facebook posting that the virtues of democracy dictated that each political party should have a core leadership to take over when one peer was rejected by the masses but that Mr Hichilema had refused to leave the presidency of the UPND to more experienced and acceptable leaders even after losing elections many times.

Ms Siliya stated that Mr Hichilema and Ms Nawakwi had chosen to defy political correctness by clinging to their political parties after they had been rejected by the masses yet, they had been claiming that they were the so called educated people in the country.

She recalled that former president Rupiah Banda had to resign as the leader of the MMD after the former ruling party was defeated at the hands of the Patriotic Front (PF) and that Ms Nawakwi and Mr Hichilema should have learnt to emulate the former Head of State.

“The news lately, at least international media, is talking about the Brexist referendum. The No vote has resulted in political party power struggles. The Conservatives have seen David Cameron resign after campaigning for a stay in the EU. Far from kingdoms and dictatorship, each political Party must have a core of leadership to take over when one peer is rejected by the masses. This is the reason I find the so called ‘educated’ people claiming to be democrats only as far as participating in general elections but have no modicum of the same sense of democracy in their own Parties. The UPND leader has lost so many times. You really wonder where he gets the sense of entitlement to continue as UPND candidate and blocking all others who may have more experience and would have done better in elections” Ms Siliya said.

On the FDD, Ms Siliya said Ms Nawakwi had abused the woman platform for refusing to step down even after multiple rejections and advised that women politicians had to be inherently democratic beginning from intra-party democracy.

“I have no doubt that many Zambians place premium not just on education but on democracy too and will stay clear of any hint of ‘wamu yayaya’, Ms Siliya said.