Chief denounces violence


CHIEF Mutondo of Kaoma has denounced violence in his area and that he will not hesitate to chase away political players who want to use violence in their campaign to disturb the peace his subjects are enjoying.

He said he was happy that currently there were no acts of violence that had been recorded in the area.

“So far, the district is peaceful and the campaigns are going well in all the constituencies,” the chief said.

He also said no political party would be allowed to campaign on tribal lines because they all belonged to one country called Zambia.

The chief said the playing ground for all the political players was smooth.

And FDD Kaoma Central aspiring candidate Joel Wampata said he was happy that all the political parties participating in the August 11 elections were working together regardless of affiliation.

Mr Wampata said the people of Zambia wanted to see development and not violence.

“Because Kaoma district is free from violence, we are able to campaign well without any interference and we want to commend the chiefdom for opening their doors to the political parties here in Kaoma because at the end of the day we are all one,” he said.

Mr Wampata said once the political atmosphere was cordial, it would give chance to all political parties to deliver their manifesto to the electorate.

He said FDD was not exceptional, but was willing to develop the country, especially that it was led by someone who saved in many portfolios.

Mr Wampata said the FDD was capable of resolving challenges faced by patients who were in most instances experiencing power outages at health centres, putting their lives in danger.

“We want to see that our health is priority number one by ensuring that all the health centres are equipped,” he said.

Mr Wampata said all must feel the benefit of being Zambians whether in urban or rural areas.

And Mr Wampata said his party was ready to source money so that they improve the agriculture sector.

He said FDD would ensure that farmers got free farming inputs for three years.

Mr Wampata also said there should be measures put in place to ensure Zambians fully benefited from their natural resources, such as timber in Kaoma.