PF’s Musenge relies on track record


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Chimwemwe constituency parliamentary candidate Mwenya Musenge has promised to continue with the development projects which he has been working on for the last five years that he has been Member of Parliament.

And UPND candidate for Chimwemwe Ronald Manenga has also pledged to improve the health services in the constituency once elected MP on August 11 as most of the health centres in the area had no proper sanitation facilities.

Mr Musenge, who has been the PF parliamentary for Chimwemwe in the last five years, said once elected MP, he would continue on his programme of infrastructure development such as roads, clinics, schools and other areas that needed attention.

He said he would ensure that he brought health facilities closer to the people by constructing clinics and maternity wings in various areas of the constituency.

“As you have seen, we have worked on roads in various parts of the constituency. We are also working on other infrastructure such as schools, police posts and clinics. Recently, Government laid a foundation stone for the construction of houses for police officers at Kawama township police post.

“I am sure you can see that the PF government is working. So as a PF candidate, I promise that if they vote for me on August 11, this infrastructure development will continue. In fact, the Government plans to construct a clinic and maternity wing in Itimpi. This is what I mean when I say bringing health facilities closer to the people,” Mr Musenge said.

He, however, advised the electorate in the area to make their own choice on August 11 because it was their own democratic right.

Mr Musenge said if the voters thought he had not performed according to their expectations, they were free to dump him.

“For me I think I have tried my best, but if you think I have not performed then you are free to vote for an MP of your own choice on August 11, but I can assure you that you will regret because some of these people who are telling you lies have no interest in serving you,” he said.

And Mr Manenga pledged to improve the health services once elected into office, saying that the standard of most clinics was poor.

‘I will ensure that the clinics in our constituency like Twatasha and Chimwemwe are up to standard. They are in bad condition right now. Poor sanitation leads to unwanted diseases which pose danger to people’s lives,’’ he said.

Mr Manenga said he would also seek to empower youths in different sports activities and build new skills centres.