Striking Siavonga hotel workers fired


Workers at Bay Hotel in Siavonga District have downed tools demanding to be paid their eight months salary arrears and improvement of condition of service before they can resume work.

The workers who marched to the district administration offices to seek Government attention are also demanding the removal and deportation of their managing director, Moreen Rosan for allegedly being a racist and in a habit of using unpalatable language whenever the workers asked to be paid their monthly salaries.

They have also demanded to be allowed to join a union of their choice.

They accused Ms Rosan of disrespecting workers. The workers further complained that their director refers to them as modern-day slaves who did not deserve decent wages.

But in an interview, Ms Rosan said she had fired all the workers who were on  strike because their action was illegal under the Zambian labour laws.

She said the workers taking part in the strike had been fired for engaging in a strike without declaring an industrial dispute with management.

Ms Rosan accused the workers of being lazy and bringing her business down to a point where clients were now shunning the Hotel in preference to other resorts in the area.

‘’Leaving a business of this nature in the hands of black person it’s very is risky so I have brought in this white guy (pointing at the white man) to run the business for me,’’ Ms Rosan said.

She said recently the hotel lost a large sum of money from one of its client, the NGOCC, because their delegates for the workshop refused to sleep in the rooms because they were dirty.