Punish Kafue woman attackers


I would like to comment on the continued sexual harassment on our womenfolk. It is extremely disgusting to humiliate women in such a manner. The beating of that Kafue woman by her so-called boyfriend leaves much to be desired. This behaviour should not be tolerated in a country which prides itself to be a Christian nation. The sad part is that those who were supposed to rescue her from that brute were instead clapping and laughing. I feel even they should be arrested and prosecuted.  Surely this case should serve as a warning to would-be offenders that the long arm of the law will catch up with them.

Kenny S



MTN Momo ad in bad taste


I would like to air my grievance at the manner MTN Zambia is adverting its ‘‘MTN Momo’’. It is degrading to our grandmothers, throwing food at them. This is against our African culture. MTN Zambia should reconsider this advert.




Hollow campaign messages


The campaigns for this year’s general elections seem to be dominated by character assassination, they are devoid of substance. It is sad that the major contenders have resorted to campaigns of name-calling. Zambians want to hear who has the best policies that will bring development to our country. Truly speaking, the economic parameters of our country are not good. Yes, our Government has provided social facilities and roads, but poverty levels have remained high if not increased to unprecedented levels. We need policies that will reduce inequality and create jobs especially for the youth. Politicians should not take advantage of the youth’s problems by sponsoring them to beat their real or perceived enemies.

Lameck Mwansa



Referendum sensitization low


I feel the Electoral Commission of Zambia has not fully educated us on the national Referendum to go along with the general elections. The only statements we hear are from the politicians urging their supporters to vote Yes or No without necessarily telling us the importance of voting for Yes or No. I can foresee problems on the voting day where people will just say ‘‘I don’t understand’’. The ECZ should have started a long time ago sensitizing voters especially that this is the first time Zambia is conducting a referendum.

Muleya Kelly



Vote wisely on August 11


I just want to remind my fellow Zambians to apply good judgment and not emotions, pettiness or hatred as we prepare for August 11. I believe the PF has done that neither UNIP nor MMD did in a space of four years. The PF has the courage to pursue tough decisions that may seem painful in the short term but surely vital in the long term. Therefore, let us not make a decision that may make us regret two days later like the Britons who seem to have regretted pulling out of EU.