UPND fasting? Lungu’s prayers answered-Mumbi


I HOPE the UPND’s decision to seek divine intervention in this year’s election is genuine because these are the people who scorned President Edgar Lungu’s call for prayer and shunned the day of prayers, Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has charged.

Commenting on the decision by the UPND to hold 40 days of prayer and fasting ahead of this year’s election, Ms. Phiri said the UPND should be sincere enough and not be driven by the desire to be in leadership since God could not be fooled.

Ms. Phiri said the UPND’s resolve to seek God’s intervention as the country approached the polls was a right move for the opposition political party provided it was free of the desperation to lead the country but was based on the need for incident-free elections.

She said there was nothing wrong for politicians to ask God for guidance because He was the provider of all what they aspired for but said there was need for sincerity so that the prayers were not made in vain.

“I will not judge them for what they are doing. Actually it is a positive move to seek God’s guidance in everything we are doing because He is the only one who can grant our wishes. If their prayers are genuine, we praise that because they have now realised the importance of putting God first.

“However, I hope their decision to seek divine intervention in this year’s election is genuine because these are the people who scandalised President Lungu’s call for prayer and shunned the day of prayers. They even called him all sorts of names for calling for the construction of the house of prayers,” Ms. Phiri said.

She however said the “repentance” that had taken place in the UPND was as a result of God’s answer to the prayers initiated by President Lungu, adding that it was gratifying that even those who believed that they had nothing to do with prayers had followed suit. He said God was working miracles in Zambia because the country had a President who feared God and that God was manifesting Himself by bringing critics to repentance and allowing them to see his grace.

“President Lungu called for prayers, they never came; he called for the construction of a house of prayers, they scandalised him and when we see such people coming back to the Lord, we thank Him because it is a testimony that our call to prayer was not in vain but has started bearing fruit.

“Right now, even UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema reads the Bible yet he was the first person to politicise President Lungu’s call to prayer. So, let them pray for peace, free and fair elections because that is what will benefit all Zambians since our fasting, prayers for reconciliation and unity have been answered,” she said.

The UPND leadership has agreed to embark on a 40-day fasting and prayer programme for peace and tranquillity, especially during the election period.  The idea is not for individuals to fast continuously for 40 days, but to create what it has called the “fasting chain”.

The programme is coordinated in such a way that 40 volunteers in the party will take a day of fasting each while other members will join in prayer without fasting with Nevers Mumba unanimously chosen to lead and coordinate the 40 programme.

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  1. This scam of the earth is still alive. Which opening is she now using in talking about what ever. Is it her mouth or you know what?

    We are fed with these uncoughed politicians who only see “what is in for me” and not what is good for the country.

  2. Look at Mumbi Phiri’s lips, has she just finished do doing a blowjob. ATI sontapo. Ni sonta – between her legs epo nabombele

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