Bauleni Aspiring MP wants to listen

By Nation Reporter

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) aspiring parliamentary candidate for Lusaka Central Margaret Mwanakatwe says people should look out for a contender who will listen and understand their social and economic needs which will add value to their lives.

Ms Mwanakatwe said in an interview that she was willing to listen and understand the problems people of Lusaka Central were facing in order to transform the capital city.

“We (PF) are making sure that we do everything that we need to do, making sure that we understand people and what it is that they require from an MP,” she said.

She said she would only be able to develop a workable mechanism to benefit the community only after understanding people’s needs.

“Lusaka Central should look out for an MP who is willing to listen and understand, the one who will have a common understanding with the people of Lusaka Central.

“We want to understand what it is that they require, while implementing those that are quickly implementable in the short term and in the medium term since the long term cannot be done straight away,” she said. Ms Mwanakatwe said it was necessary to implement the required developmental essentials the Lusaka Central needed in meeting both social and economic needs.

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  1. I remember seeing this same picture sometime back as for Mrs Mhango of computer services in kitwe. is she the same person as margaret mwanakatwe? please correct me if am wrong.

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