THE Church has challenged UPND vice president and presidential running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to furnish the nation with a full disclosure of his educational qualifications in order to gain full confidence regarding his integrity and credibility as a leader.

“As a person who wants to be the vice-president and possibly president of this great nation, it is important that Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba comes out very clear and clean on his qualifications,” Christian Coalition secretary general John Mwendapole has said.

Reverend Mwendapole said the Christian Coalition was eager to see a constructive conclusion over the debate and that it was dangerous for Mr. Mwamba to underestimate the importance of the issue because it was a constitutional issue.

“Mr. Mwamba has declared two contradictory qualifications that he was a Grade 12 and a Form 5 holder. This is very worrying and must be clarified at the earliest opportunity.

“What is of concern is that there is active speculation that Mr. Mwamba has never earned or  produced his Grade 12 or Form 5 certificates,” he said.

Rev Mwendapole challenged Mr. Mwamba to put the issue to rest because it was alarming for a person who did have a Grade 12 certificate to pursue higher tertiary qualifications from overseas.

“Universities and other institutions of higher learning all over the world have  standards; how they give a higher diploma if you have not done the basic academic qualifications?” he asked.

Rev. Mwendapole said if possible Mr. Mwamba should publish his certificates in the paper because it was an issue and no one did politics over academic papers.

“It is very simple; you can take it (certificate) to Muvi TV and say ‘this is my paper’ because it is of national interest. I think if people are talking about it, it means it is an issue. It might not be important to him or to UPND, but it is important to the people because this is in our Constitution,” he said.

2 thoughts on “TELL THE TRUTH, GBM TOLD

  1. Let’s not waste time on grade 12 paper let’s focus how people will vote without violence , and educate the few Zambian how it is important to vote because some will stay away , I think the churches should not bother much about papers of GBM he and HH will deliver quality services to Zambians and Zambia will boost economically through the knowledge of business of HH and GBM.

  2. Both Comrades Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Hakaimbe Hichilema are honarable men who have earned great political prominence in Zambia. The issue of GBM’s educational qualifications can easily be resolved and settled amicably.
    GBM and HH are high profile business men who know how to engage good quality personnel in their businesses or companies in which they hold shares. These days, applicants for jobs are expected to append a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and attach certified copies of academic or professional Certificates. This requirement is standard as it also applies to job seekers at public and private universities.
    HH should help his Running Mate (GBM) to prepare a Curriculum Vitae (CV) which can be published in the media of their choice to prove all doubting Thomases wrong. Contents of the CV should include the following features:
    1. Full Names of GBM:
    2. Date of Birth:
    3. Place of Birth:
    4. National Registration Number (NRC):
    5. Education Qualifications:
    (a) Name of Primary School at GBM got Standard 6 or Grade 7;
    (b) Name of Secondary School at which GBM got Form 5 or Grade 12 or
    (c) Name of College/University from which GBM got his degree or
    (d) Membership to Professional Body (Medical, Law, Economic,
    Commerce etc whichever applies).
    6. Working experience
    The above salient features of the CV will rest the case for all that have an interest in the integrity of HH’s Running Mate. This information will flag UPND’s credence to the voters.
    Failure for GBM to produce a credible CV will merely fuel more suspicions on the integrity of the UPND as a future governing party

    Indeed, GBM must tell the truth.

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