Let’s learn from Martin  Luther King Jnr


In Africa, why don’t we follow the footprints of the icon (Nelson Mandela)? We are still young in democracy. A Christian nation is our everyday national anthem but what is happening in our country is chaotic. As we go to vote on the 11th of August, let us remember the words Martin Luther King said, “Let’s live like Jesus died yesterday, resurrected today and will come back tomorrow.”

Joel Sitali,


What will UPND do for  Zambians?


Nevers, HH, GBM, Sampa and Dr Scott should tell the masses what the UPND will do once they form government. The PF under President Edgar Lungu is walking the talk. Back to ‘Nervous’ Mumba. My brother, just repent, God still wants you. It’s never too late.

P Ngosa,

Monze Town

Dora Siliya is right


I totally agree with what Dora Siliya said about a certain opposition party president who has lost general elections almost four times. This goes to show people that leadership comes from God. Also, does it mean that there are no other capable people who can run these parties? Tearing campaign posters for other political parties won’t win you the coming elections.







Free minded Zambians see high prices of essential commodities and services in the country as largely political sabotage by some opposition political parties and their allies than the global village economic crisis where the reduction of cement in the country by a Nigerian Mr. Dangote is the number one comparison in that sphere. Wise voters must avoid voting for foreseeable conmen economists in the 11th August, 2016 polls.

Masialeti Simvula,



This is for Mwivwanji Sinkala


Allow me to advise Mwivwanji  Sinkala not to restrict his vision within the length of his shadow as noted in his statement on the closure of the Post Newspaper by ZRA. Bwana Mwavwanji, your contribution is very much displaced if you truly are in Lusaka.





God is behind you ECL


Ba President Lungu, you are the greatest we know. Umuntu tatasha! Here in Solwezi the shopping mall is on again. We will keep on pointing at what you have done under the PF government. God knows Mr. President. I know you have two hands but God is with you, if it will mean you having one vote in Solwezi it will be me.

God bless you Sir.

 Chelangi Mpundu


Has ZRA closed the Post newspaper?


If the answer is yes then where are these Post newspapers being printed and sold at K15 coming from? If the Post was closed then they are illegally printing their papers.  ZRA should also keep records for tax purposes

Kayula Chilufya,





Is HH an elder in SDA?


Is H.H an elder in the SDA church? Why does he campaign on the Sabbath which is the holy day according to the Bible? Zambia Union of SDA, please help us because the church is divided.