UPND in ghost voters hoax


By Nation Reporter

The story that 500,000 foreign voters have registered in Eastern province is a complete hoax fabricated by the UPND.

The story was originated by UPND former Mazabuka MP Gary Nkombo and Chongwe MP Sylvia Masebo who have since refused to give evidence to the police insisting instead that investigations should be based on information published by The Post newspaper.

They reported that 500,000 foreigners had registered and yet the total number of voters in the eastern province was 777,379 voters and in 2014 there were 600,098 registered voters in the Province.

But ECZ said it has never received complaints and queries regarding foreigners except from reports carried by The Post.

Police have since identified the source of the story as Edward Mwanza, an aspiring local government candidate for Chisiya Ward in Vubwi working in league with Post correspondent, Mr. Peter Sukwa, who have apparently provided the list The Post has been publishing, purporting that the information emanated from ECZ which has vehemently denied ever producing the list.

A search at the house of Mr. Mwanza by Zambia Police Services revealed a register of party members for Chadiza district whom Mr. Mwanza alleged were foreigners.

Documents recovered by the police on 1st June 2016 ,revealed a register of names of alleged foreigners, and on the following day 8 headmen screened the list recovered from Mr. Mwanza’s house.  The headmen  identified all the persons on the list as being their subjects and many being UPND members and certainly not from Malawi.

The 8 headmen who rejected the list included:

Headman Chikoka I                         (Mr. Nathaniel Chisi)

Headman M’Kaya                              (Mr. Sevilliano Mshanga)

Headman Siliya                 (Mr. Lymon Banda)

Headman Luzizyo                             (Mr. Patlicio Tembo)

Headman Chiwawu                           (Mr. Alikangelo Zulu)

Headman Kamaila                            (Mr. Kennedy Mbewe)

Headman Pekete                              (Mr.  Joseph Banda)

Headman Chauleka                          (Mr. Alikazio Chilumbu)

They have vehemently denied allegations that up to 500,000 Malawians could have been registered in the area.

They explained that Mwanza visited the various chiefdoms indicating that there was fertilizer to be distributed and that most villagers registered in readiness for the distribution and hence their names were found on the list of the so-called foreign registered voters.

They revealed that citizens in the area were diligent as during the mobile issuance of registration cards and voters cards 6 Malawians and 1 Tanzanian were apprehended.

The Malawians were deported and the Tanzanian was convicted and fined K3000 in default 1 year simple imprisonment.

One thought on “UPND in ghost voters hoax

  1. BUPND’s LIES on Ghost Voters were extended to cheating on GBM’s education qualifications.

    However, GBM and HH are high profile business men who know how to engage good quality personnel in their businesses or companies in which they hold shares. These days, applicants for jobs are expected to append a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and attach certified copies of academic or professional Certificates. This requirement is standard as it also applies to job seekers at public and private universities.

    HH should help his Running Mate to prepare a Curriculum Vitae (CV) which can be published in the media of their choice to prove all doubting Thomases wrong. Contents of the CV should include the following features:
    1. Full Names of GBM:
    2. Date of Birth:
    3. Place of Birth:
    4. National Registration Number (NRC):
    5. Education Qualifications:
    (a) Name of Primary School at GBM got Standard 6 or Grade 7;
    (b) Name of Secondary School at which GBM got Form 5 or Grade 12 or
    (c) Name of College/University from which GBM got his degree or
    (d) Membership to Professional Body (Medical, Law, Economic,
    Commerce etc whichever applies).
    6. Working experience

    The above salient features of the CV will rest the case for all that have an interest in the integrity of HH’s Running Mate. This information will flag UPND’s credence to the voters.

    Failure for GBM to produce a credible CV will merely fuel more suspicions on the integrity of the UPND as a future governing party. The people of Zambia may not believe sermons UPND are preaching countrywide.

    The TRUTH is therapeutic (or healing) on the integrity of a politician.

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