Zambia is food secure, say millers

By Zambia Police

THERE are enough maize stocks in the country and therefore, Zambians should ignore alarming media reports of a shortage, Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) has said.

MAZ chairman Andrew Chintala said Zambia had sufficient maize and it would, therefore, be unwise to import the commodity at the moment.

He was speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday.

“Reports in the media with regard to the unavailability of maize on the market are alarming and should be regarded as false; the country is food secure. There are enough stocks that should see us through to the next period.

‘‘We have heard reports that we may import maize, but that is impossible because we have sufficient maize and so there is no need for consumers to start panicking.

“As millers, we will continue operating and running our mills at full capacity. The only challenge we have had in recent weeks is the moisture content in the maize that is currently available on the market. It was very high, but we are glad to say that it has at least dropped,” he said.

And Mr Chintala assured consumers that they would continue to access maize meal at an affordable price.

He said millers would maintain the current price of mealie meal as it was reasonable and would enable all Zambians have access to the commodity.

Mr. Chintala, however, said the association would engage stakeholders if need arose to stabilise the price of the commodity.

“We travelled across the country to monitor the price of mealie meal and it’s not more than K80 per 25 kg bag, which is very reasonable. We will continue to engage stakeholders such as Government, Zambia National Farmers Union and small scale farmers, among others, if at all there is need to stabilise the price of mealie meal,” Mr. Chintala said.