FORMER president Rupiah Banda has endorsed the candidature of President Edgar Lungu in the August general elections, saying the Head of State has demonstrated the ability to unite and galvanise the country politically and economically after the frequent leadership changes of the last 10 years.

Mr Banda said his decision to endorse the candidature of President Lungu was based on the belief that the Head of State presented the country with continuity and stability following frequent changes in the presidency.

In a statement issued by his deputy administrative assistant Chibeza Mfune, President Banda said Zambia has had five elections in the last 10 years and that such a frequency of changing leadership could not have a positive impact on the country’s economy and unity.



Mr Banda said he was delighted that President Lungu had continued with the many key infrastructure developments initiated over the years which included the construction of the Mongu-Kalabo, Great East and Luangwa-Chipata roads.

Mr Banda said the upgrading of the Kafue Lower Gorge hydro power station and other social infrastructure such as schools and hospitals were some of the achievements that should give Zambians reasons to re-elect President Lungu next month.

He said President Lungu had scored admirable successes in both social and economic development in such a short period of time amid adverse global economic challenges, and given a full five-year mandate to govern, the Head of State was capable of delivering even more development to the country.

“Former president Banda has decided to endorse and support the candidature of President Edgar Lungu in the 11th August general elections. Mr. Banda has made this decision in exercise of his right as a citizen of the Republic of Zambia.

His (Mr Banda) endorsement of President Lungu is in line with his previous support for President Lungu in the January 2015 presidential election.

,” the statement said.

Former president Banda implored the political leadership in the country to ensure that whoever emerged victorious in the general elections next month should put in place measures to address the plight of the marginalised in society so that such a victory should be for all Zambians.

Mr Banda said he had joined Zambia’s founding president Kenneth Kaunda in calling on Zambians across the political, ethnic and religious divide to embrace peace the country had enjoyed since independence.

He said Zambians should endeavor to avoid violence as a way of honouring the country’s fallen heroes and appealed to leaders of various political parties to emulate the spirit of Zambia’s founding fathers who did not resort to violence when faced with challenges.