Hubby dragged to court by wife over affair


THE hush fell in Lusaka local court when a house wife said she was upset with her husband who always came home with shaved pubic hair and she has decided to sue him.

Miriam Phiri, 31, of Zingalume Compound said she was upset with the turn of events because they were supposed to do these thibgs to each other as per tradition.

This is in a case in which Phiri sued her husband, Timothy Mwape, 30, for reconciliation.

The two got married in 2008 and have no children.

Phiri told Senior Court Magistrate Lewis Mumba sitting with Magistrate Pauline Newa at Matero Local Court that she was annoyed after discovering that Mwape started coming home with his pubic hair shaved.

She explained that on June 21, she cooked nshima for Mwape but he refused to eat and instead he beat her with a metal bar claiming that the nshima was not well cooked.

Phiri said that on several occasions Mwape came home with his pubic hair shaved and wondered who shaved him when it was supposed to be done by her.

She further told the court that problems started shortly after they got married as she was always mocked by Mwape’s relatives because she could not conceive.

“I hoped Mwape could change because the situation has become unbearable and it is better for him to divorce me instead of treating me like an enemy,” said Phiri.

In defence, Mwape said he beat Phiri because she went to chat with friends and did not cook nshima well.

He explained that he loved Phiri but she usually came home late and that she would go for prayers from morning till 22:00 hours.

Mwape said he was willing to reconcile with Phiri but she should ignore what his relatives said and that he also would change for the better.

Magistrate Lewis Mumba reconciled the couple and advised them to live in harmony.