‘My wife loves me only when I am in employment’

By Nation Reporter

A 45-YEAR-OLD man told a Local Court in Lusaka that his wife only loved him whenever he was in employment.

Joseph Miti, farmer of Chongwe was testifying in a case in which his wife, Catherine Sakala, 42, of Kanyama compound sued him for divorce.

The two got married in 1997 and have five children.

Sakala told Senior Court Magistrate Abbishine Michelo sitting with Magistrates Lewis Mumba and Esther Mulomba at Kanyama Local Court that problems started in 2009 when Miti wanted to marry a second wife.

She refused to be in a polygamous marriage and that annoyed him and he later packed and left the matrimonial home.

She explained that when they went to the farm, Miti started spending his money on locally brewed beer popularly known as ‘kachasu’ and never paid rentals.

Sakala that Miti had been selling her clothes to raise money for his beer.

In defence, Miti said that Sakala only loved him when he was in employment because she used to get the salary from his work place.

He explained that when Sakala told his boss that he had a girlfriend in Mongu, he was fired.

Miti explained that after he stopped work at Star Milling Company, they spent the money he was paid together.

Miti further said that Sakala had been threatening to bring a man in the house and that he was shocked when a thief broke into their home and stole a cell phone from the bedroom leaving everything else intact.

“When I stopped work at the farm, Sakala started saying that she wanted a man who has money and that he was surprised to be sued for divorce,” said Miti.

Magistrate Michelo said that it was evident that the marriage was full of problems as Miti and Sakala did not stay together.

He said that Miti was not providing for his family and was not serious with marriage.

He granted the couple divorce without compensation but Miti was ordered to be paying children maintenance fee of K300 per month.