THE Patriotic Front (PF) has accused the UPND cadres of having fired live gun shots and other offensive weapons at police officers during one of the worst violent clashes between the Zambia Police Service and the opposition party.

On Friday, UPND defied Police orders to cancel a public rally in Chawama leading to violent clashes as the cadres held an illegal procession from their secretariat in Lusaka’s Rhodes Park to Kamwala.

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja said in a statement issued on Friday that Police fired rubber bullets at the cadres because they were attacked with all sorts of missles.

The ruling party has also alleged that the UPND has hatched a scheme to perpetuate violence before, during and after the general elections next month in preparation to dispute the outcome of the elections.

PF secretary general Davis Chama said in a statement yesterday that the UPND leadership had been having covert meetings where the party had been planning to make the country ungovernable when they  lose the general elections next month.

He alleged that the UPND was also scheming to make the political atmosphere unpalatable during the elections and post electoral period to influence the international community to propose a coalition government between the PF and the opposition party.

Mr Chama said the clash between the police and the UNPD cadres on Friday was well-planned to create the impression that the PF was a violent and intolerant political party when the truth was that the opposition party was using violence as its campaign tool.

“Our politics this week fell to deplorable levels when police were attacked by UPND thugs who staged an illegal procession in the heart of the central business district of Lusaka at the peak of evening traffic. We know that the UPND want to dispute the election results and are now trying hard to psych-up both the Zambians and the international community. The UPND also want to make the political atmosphere unpalatable during elections and post-electoral period so that the international community can suggest a coalition government of the opposition party with PF,” Mr Chama said.

He said it was frightening to see political party members armed with all manner of dangerous and offensive weapons going on rampage attacking innocent citizens including State police in a country that has been practicing civilised plural politics.

Mr Chama said it had dawned on the top leadership of the UPND that they would lose the general elections and had resorted to desperate and uncivil schemes to destabilise the country’s peace to render Zambia ungovernable after elections.

He stated that the UPND had targeted Lusaka and Copperbelt Provinces to cause chaos because they had realised that the PF was still the strongest party in the two regions, hence hope to create apathy.


  1. Ba UPND balebepa! If they are a strong party let them just win the elections of their own. A coalition government will not work. For sure they know that palibe chabo! this August.However,I warn the poor thugs of Thiers that should they allow to be used by selfish individuals,they will regret with their families.

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