Dora Siliya takes on HH, GBM

By Nation Reporter

HAKAINDE Hichilema will single-handedly make UPND lose the August 11, 2016, general elections because he has no experience, Patriotic Front (PF) Petauke aspiring candidate Dora Siliya has charged.

And Ms Siliya has charged that the second reason why Mr Hichilema will make the UPND lose was because of the choice of his running mate (Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba).

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Ms Siliya said Mr Hichilema had settled for someone who had allegedly forged his academic qualifications, leaving out Dr Canisius Banda who was academically well qualified to be his running mate for fear that he (Dr Banda) would take over the presidency when he loses the elections on August 11, 2016.

She said Mr Hichilema knew very well that there was no way Mr Mwamba could take over the presidency of the UPND because he was academically handicapped.

Ms Siliya said that was why Mr Hichilema had settled for Mr Mwamba knowing so well that with his alleged forged academic qualification, he could never be UPND president.

Ms Siliya, who is Energy minister, said up to now Mr Mwamba had failed to prove to Zambians the authenticity of his academic qualification.

And Ms Siliya has charged that the violence was synonymous to the UPND.

“Where there is UPND, there is always violence, that is why they choose red as their colour because it is a sign of violence,” Ms Siliya said.

She said the UPND was a violent, vulgar and disrespectful political party.

She said the UPND was a violent political party and challenged its leadership to condemn the act of its cadres who attempted to block the Head of State in Southern Province.

“UPND leaders are the ones that promote tribalism because they have never condemned the violence perpetuated by their cadres in Southern Province,” Ms Siliya said.

She said Mr Hichilema’s presidency was based on tribalism that was why he had never condemned his cadres who attempted to block the Head of State’s motorcade on Wednesday evening in Mazabuka.

Ms Siliya said President Edgar Lungu was a team player and somebody who had shown support for women leadership, qualities which Mr Hichilema did not have.

Ms Siliya said President Lungu was someone who placed premium on education that was why he had been strict on the Grade 12 clause contained in the amended Constitution.

She said a person who should manage the welfare of the people must have minimum qualification and that was why President Lungu had been firm on academic qualifications.

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  1. Ba Ms Siliya. Not message sure for the electorate! Only talking about the leadership of UPND! Why does the choice of running mate in UPND bother you? You mean the ECZ had no means of verifying the authentist of candidates’ qualifications
    S on the day of registration! HH has not experience! People normally become presidents without having been one before. You mean you don’t know that. You really didn’t not have any issues to campaign on?

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