It will be harvest time for opposition- Lungu

By Nation Reporter

ZAMBIANS should expect a reversal of all the developmental projects initiated by the Patriotic Front (PF) if they vote for the UPND because it will be harvest time to recover the money they have continued to spend in elections since 2001, President Edgar Lungu has said.

Speaking at a rally at Kariba North Bank grounds in Siavonga yesterday, President Lungu said the opposition had nothing to offer.

He said Government would endeavour to complete all the developmental projects that it had initiated if re-elected.

President Lungu said the illusion by the UPND that only one person had the solution to all the challenges the country had was what made it continue losing elections and wondered why party members were reluctant to substitute failures with individuals who had what it took to win.

“Why can’t some people give up? We have individuals who have lost three to four times but they are still clinging to power and if you give them a chance to run this country, it will be harvesting time because they have been losing huge sums of money in elections since 2001 and so, they will want to recover it.

“If you allow them to run the country, they will do a reversal of all the developmental projects we have initiated because they have said that they will stop constructing roads and use the money to pay civil servants’ salaries. Is that normal? But because they are not consistent with what they are saying, one of them was in North-Western yesterday and he said they will complete the Chingola-Solwezi road. Does that make sense?” President Lungu asked amid murmurs of disapproval from the crowd.

President Lungu said the lies and inconsistencies from the UPND only showed that their only preoccupation was to go to Sate House and make a fortune for themselves.

He said it was sad that some of the opposition political party leaders whom he had defended in the courts of law as a lawyer were now scandalising him.

“I am a qualified lawyer and some of those who are today saying that I don’t think properly were my clients. I defended them and won the cases but one thing we should realise is that education and wealth alone is not enough and that is why I seek God when things are tough.

“When we had a problem with the rains, I said let us kneel down and pray and the rains came. Today we have more maize in the region but I still have a letter which one of the leaders sent me to scandalise me over the same. I will soon release it for publication. However, this is the same person who is claiming that he will rule according to biblical principles and this is good because he has seen the need for God,” he said.

He pledged to work on all the feeder roads in Siavonga and improve access to clean drinking water in the district by coming up with an initiative that would see the piping of water from Lake Kariba to the surrounding communities as opposed to sinking boreholes which became dry in seasons when the area was hit by a drought.

Earlier in the day, President Lungu met chiefs Simaamba and Sinadabbwe whom he assured of his commitment to hold a free and fair election.

The President also addressed congregants at Siavonga United Church of Zambia (UCZ) where he stressed the need for holding peaceful elections.

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One Response to “It will be harvest time for opposition- Lungu”

  1. Gina Rich says:

    Mr Lungu, are you blantly saying that those such as yourself are harvesting? This only shows how true the rumors that you sir are speaking from experience. So the question is looking you have not been in politics that long yet you’ve amassed large sums of worth, which only yourself know how and where from.

    Is this the reason you don’t want to let go of power even when it’s clear we the Zambians don’t want to return you sir?
    Please tell the Zambian people where you’re harvesting yourself?


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