Masaiti villagers to be compensated


GOVERNMENT has assured the 127 villagers resettled to make way for the construction of Zambezi Portland cement (ZPC) plant in Senior Chief Chiwala’s area in Masaiti district that they will receive their compensation within 10 days.

Ndola District Commissioner George Chisulu told the villagers that gathered at new Belemu village that Government had engaged the cement company and established modalities of payments.

Mr. Chisulo said the initial agreement with management at Zambezi Portland was that each villager would receive K3, 000 per Lima for the maize fields, K10,000 for those that had gardens, while those that had orchards will receive K2, 000 each.

He stated that his office was alive to the various challenges that the villagers were facing and had taken up the responsibility to report to relevant authorities for quick intervention.

“I am aware that the area you have been resettled on has no police post, market, schools and health centre within reach, but I can assure you its Government policy that every citizen has access to basics,” he said.

Mr. Chisulo said Government had practical pro-poor policies and programmes aimed at benefiting ordinary citizens.

He assured the villagers that the PF administration would ensure that the villagers were allocated new farming portions.

Meanwhile, the villagers complained of hunger.

The villagers said that since they were relocated last year, they had not grown food for consumption because their land was in the plan of construction of the cement plant.

They asked Government to look into access to clean water which was among the many challenges they were facing.

In 2006, ZPC commenced the project for the cement plant in Masaiti district and one of the Environmental Impact assessment conditions by Zambia Environmental and Management Agency (ZEMA) was that the ZPC would resettle all the people that would be adversely affected by the activities associated with cement production.

About 127 households were constructed and handed over to the villagers in 2014 pending compensation.