Post has to pay that tax


I wish to comment on the Post Newspaper tax saga. Many people including some stakeholders have expressed different views on the matter. Some feel that it was in order for the Zambia Revenue Authority to close the Post Newspaper in view of the K53 million debt owed to the tax authority in tax obligations. One the other hand, some feel that the action was done in bad faith as a political ploy to fix the company. Remitting tax to the Government by any business entity is law. As such, the Post Newspaper like any other firm doing business in Zambia is obliged to pay taxes.

Elemiya Phiri,



UPND desperation for  power security risk


UPND’s desperation for Plot One has gone to the extremes as witnessed by multiple head, leg and body injuries inflicted on Kasosa Mukuka and Charlie Simeo by UPND desperados. Let Government take a hard line by putting in place fast track courts as soon as possible to stop this nonsense. It’s not too late.

F. A. Zulu, Lusaka


Is political violence  necessary?


Is it in order for us to experience political violence? Where ever there is a campaign, the outcome is injuries and death. As a concerned citizen, I seek guidance.

CK, Matero East, Lusaka


Reaping the whirlwind


Mr Ndhlovu’s article in the Sunday Nation dated 10/07/ 2016 entitled “UPND headed for total destruction?” is a well analysed. It certainly has more than two schools of thought which are also food for thought. These will make the actors reap the whirlwind.

F. A. Zulu, Lusaka


Advice to Zambians


Be advised that Zambia as a country lacked development and if we don’t vote for Lungu and the PF then we are taking Zambia backwards to 1964 to begin afresh. God has given us Lungu. Let us vote for him for our own sake.

HRK, Mufulira


Chipolopolo’s bitter pill to swallow


The failure by our Zambia national soccer team to qualify to the 2016 Africa Cup of Nations is a bitter pill to swallow. In our Group, Guinea Bissau qualified to the prestigious Africa Cup tournament. Given this scenario, it is abundantly clear that our national team did not prepare adequately. If the team did, we could have qualified because this was our ultimate objective. At this juncture, we should not resort to blame game for not qualifying. We should instead concentrate on the Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying matches. Of course, we learnt valuable lessons from our failure to make it to the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations tournament. With resilience and hard work, Zambia can make a maiden appearance at the Russia 2018 World Cup soccer piece.

 Concerned soccer fan


Plight of council retirees


Kindly allow me space in the Daily Nation. I have just heard on Muvi Prime TV news by the Permanent Secretary of Local Government that the Government has released K6 million to pay retirees. May I take this opportunity to ask the Government if the said money covers only Lusaka council or all councils in the country? May I humbly ask Government to treat this matter urgently as it is a time bomb. Treat us fairly as we are all suffering.  It is unfortunate to learn that some councils were given money to pay retirees but managements misapplied the funds. I ask the Ministry of Local Government to urgently look into this matter.


Nkunika Abraham




Bravo, ECZ


The decision by ECZ to ban political campaigns in Lusaka and Namwala is terrific and bold in an attempt to bring sanity and discipline. If ECZ were this decisive before, violence would not have escalated this far. Zambia Police must reciprocate and ensure adherence to the ban is air tight

Frank Manda


GBM a wrong running mate


HH chose GBM as running mate in order to try win votes, but nothing is helping him that’s why he is panicking. I hear now he is mentioning the watermelon moreover it is a waste of time again because the watermelon will not vote for him

Papaya V. Mutinta

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