Anti-prayers UPND irks Kitwe clergyman

THE decision by opposition UPND to stay away from national prayers is regrettable, says Pastor Duncan Simuchimba of Kings Church of Kitwe.

Pastor Simuchimba said it was sad that UPND which was aspiring to form the next government continued to distance itself from prayers aimed at seeking God’s guidance in addressing various challenges and problems facing the country.

He said every government or political party which denounced or distanced itself from God was bound to fail because only the Creator had the solution to any problems or challenges the country was facing.

Pastor Simuchimba was reacting to the statement attributed to UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma who was quotedhaving said that UPND regarded President Edgar Lungu’s call to prayer as a waste of time because such events in the past had not yielded the desired results.

He said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that throughout history, leaders who had been prayerful and sought God’s guidance had gone through difficult times, but through God’s power, they triumphed over those with evil minds.

“So when President Lungu calls for prayers, it is not political. Let us support him so that he can also triumph over evil and other challenges facing the country. Zambia is a Christian nation, let be prayerful and seek God’s guidance. We should not be misled by politics,

“Let me hasten to say that it is regrettable that UPND which is aspiring to form government has continued to distance itself from prayers aimed at seeking God’s guidance in addressing various challenges and problems facing the country,” said Pastor Simuchimba.

He said, so far UPND had demonstrated that it was not interested in praying to God whenever President Lungu called for prayers to address the problems and challenges the country was facing.

“To be in leadership and provide direction, you need God’s guidance. You also need God to keep you alive. You also need God’s favour which makes people to favour you. Every government which denounces God, it is bound to fail.

He said he was not expecting such a statement from UPND when they have a strong Man of God in Pastor Nevers Mumba who was supposed to counsel party leaders on spiritual matters.

“We do not expect such utterances from UPND when they have a strong man of God in Pastor Nevers Mumba. If they are truly working with him, they should utilize him so that he can lead them to God and bring a spiritual revolution that has never been there in UPND,” He said.


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One Response to “Anti-prayers UPND irks Kitwe clergyman”

  1. Mugabo J says:

    Dear Pastor Simuchimba,

    Its sad to even mentioned Pastor Nevers Mumba over the rejection of prayers by the UPND. Pastor Mumba is not far from Samson`s state where” Samson did not know that the Lord had left him” he thought of doing the same thing as usual.

    UPND do not see a Pastor in Nevers Mumba but a comrade in the business to removing LUNGU from power. So how do you expect them to ask his view. When you are initiated into something , you have no power to direct but can only be directed.

    So Pastor Simuchimba wait until they are defeated thats when his eyes will see that a wrong alliance made on selfish grounds is costly. Come 11 August the God of the Universe will prevail over ZAMBIA. Pray for Nevers Mumba.

    God bless Zambia


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