Lo Sims launches ‘Enlightened’

Upcoming gospel artiste Lolavye Simukoko musically known as Lo Sims last Saturday successfully launched his debut album dubbed ‘Enlightened’ at University of Zambia Chapel.

The album which basically registers the young singer’s entry on the music scene is a collection of songs that help people embrace God’s word.

“The most basic level of ‘Enlightenment’ is the knowledge of sin, and without that knowledge, everything else is pointless. God keeps your lamp burning; he your darkness into light. Embracing His word gives light and understanding to man,” states Lo Sims in explaining his album. The album features one of the hit songs called ‘Free Will’ which is also on the Retunes Top10.

This is probably the more reason Lo Sims’ album launch received massive support even from his fellow gospel artistes. Interestingly, the young singer put up an inspiring performance with a full band that left a number of followers asking for more.

The show was supported by Tyro from BitterSweet, Microphone7, Prince Keddy, Yellow Dove as well as Smooth IK.

Others who supported the launch include actress Cassie Kabwita also known as King Cassie.